Romance and Classical Studies

The Department of Romance and Classical Studies seeks to provide its students with the best possible undergraduate and graduate education at the Masters level through the diversity of its core offerings and through its cooperation with interdisciplinary programs, leading to a practical, liberal education.

The Department's mission at the undergraduate level is to offer cultural, language and literature courses in French, Italian, Spanish and Classics, thereby allowing students to contextualize their reality and develop intercultural consciousness and skills to be used in various professional settings. To this end, the Department is committed to: 1) the major-level programs in Classics, French and Spanish, as well as the programs for minors in Classics, French, Spanish and Italian; 2) teacher preparation in Latin, French, and Spanish; and 3) study abroad programs in three continents.

Our mission corresponds with the university's commitment to internationalizing the curriculum, and by its increasing ties with universities in foreign countries. At the same time, the Department's involvement in cultural studies places it in a central position in fulfilling the university's commitment to cultural pluralism as evidenced by Popular Culture, Women's Studies, Ethnic Studies, international and interdisciplinary studies.

The Department offers programs at the Masters level in French and Spanish. Links between its graduate and undergraduate commitments are: 1) the preparation of students to become instructors of French and Spanish in high schools and community colleges; 2) the preparation of some graduate students to pursue doctoral study elsewhere.

To assure a high standard of language proficiency among the graduate students, the Department sponsors academic year-long programs of study in Canada, France, Mexico and Spain. The programs reflect the global nature of graduate education. We address the reality that French and Spanish are spoken by many different ethnic groups whose cultures, history and customs modify and enrich these languages. Through our study of the literature and culture of many of these countries, our students become deeply aware of a multiplicity of expression important for global understanding.

If academic inquiry is an important element for inspiring undergraduates, it is essential to the mission of graduate education. To teach graduate students how to learn, our graduate faculty teaches by example, communicating the "how" of research to our graduate students. While the ability to investigate cultural, linguistic and literary subjects is important for future high school and community college instructors, it is essential to students going on to doctoral degree programs at other institutions and is, therefore, at the core of our graduate mission.

To fulfill our undergraduate and graduate commitments, the Department of Romance and Classical Studies offers excellent resources in terms of educational materials and facilities, well-established programs abroad, and a cadre of professors dedicated to research, aware of innovations in teaching, and in service to educate others

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