Gi Woong Yun, Ph.D.


Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-8638 Fax: 419-372-0202
Email: gyun@bgsu.edu
Address: 321 West Hall

Website: http://www.mediaresearchlab.org/giwoongyun/


Dr. Yun's research interests are mostly about Internet as media. He works on social psychological theories of communication, online social media, Internet research methodology and more. He enjoys thinking about tools and theories developed by communication researchers. When he has spare time, he likes to work on Web applications and manage hobby websites. He likes to have fun with students working on class projects.


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin - Madison
M.A. University of Wisconsin - Madison
B.A. HanYang University


TCOM2640: Interactive Online Media
TCOM3600: Media Research
TCOM4640: Practicum in Interactive Online Media Production
TCOM4520: Online Social Media
MC6300: Social Science Research Methods
MC7290: Web Surveys & Experiments
MC7390: Seminar in New Media Research