Honors Project

Thank you for agreeing to be the instructor of a section of HNRS 4980: Honors Project Development and/or HNRS 4990: Honors Project. Here you’ll find information on the HNRS 4980 and HNRS 4990 Canvas shell, course requirements, and available resources. 

For HNRS 4980, Honors Project Proposal, the three required components of HNRS 4980: a 1,000-word project proposal, an annotated bibliography, and a project timeline.

HNRS 4990, the Honors Project, is a self-defined capstone experience intended to showcase the breadth and depth of a student's learning within a fairly narrowly-defined area of interdisciplinary study. The Honors Project can be a “traditional” thesis, but it also can take on a number of other forms that suit students' interests and areas of expertise. In addition to the written portion of the project, all students must complete an oral defense that includes all faculty advisors and the Honors project advisor in attendance.

All projects are grounded in research and must include:

  • an introduction to the problem and guiding research questions
  • a review of the literature 
  • a description of the methods used to solve the problem
  • a description of the results
  • implications for future research and practice
  • bibliography

The Honors College's advising staff work along with the student and you as the faculty project advisor to make sure that the student is making progress towards successful completion of the course. Honors academic advisors will reach out via email approximately half-way through the term to confirm the student is making progress. 


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