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Spring 2020 Honors Seminars

The following descriptions are for topics courses that are being offered through the Honors College in the Spring 2020.  All other descriptions are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Reason and Wonder: Tools for Authentic Wholism
HNRS 3000 (2) 4:00-4:50pm TR; Wade                             Course # 16103

We live in a time of great scientific and technological achievements and we place great value on rational thinking. But this comes at a cost. Without our materialistic worldview, we have killed our gods, outlawed mythology, and debunked all sense of wonder. Our souls are perhaps hungrier than we know and this inner impoverishment is reflected outwardly in many ways, including environmental degradation. We must learn to synthesize both our scientific and spiritual understanding. Dave Pruett’s book, Reason and Wonder: A Copernican Revolution in Science and Spirit, will provide the framework for the course, and we will take excursions into readings from physicists Schrodinger and Pauli to Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, and Teilhard de Chardin. We hope to emerge from this course with the inspiration and tools to make inquiry of both our hearts and minds in an integrated and authentic way, so that we may embrace meaning and wonder in the world even through the cultivation of scientific literacy. 

Intergroup Dialogue

HNRS 3000 (1) There will be 2 sections for this seminar. Each at 7 weeks (first and second). You only need to enroll in one section; Ark  

First 7 week section, W 2:30-4:20pm                                  Course # 17961

Second 7 week section, W 2:30-4:20pm                              Course # 17962

This class will be an Intergroup Dialogue class. We will be having an intergroup dialogue class covering topics like race, religion, gender and sexuality. This is a great class to learn how to have open conversations about these topics without debate or judgement. Not only will you have honors credit but this class will end with you being trained to run an Intergroup Dialogue class yourself in the future and it is a great CV/resume builder. Please e-mail Amanda Ark at if you have questions about this course. 

Environmental Harm and Protection in the Harry Potter Series
HNRS 4000 (2);  1:30-2:20pm MW; Diehl and Stump       Course # 17991

The Harry Potter series has been read through many social, political, and economic lenses that have added to the body of academic study involving those disciplines. With environmental degradation and climate change as a growing global concern, we will be analyzing the series through ecocriticism. There are blatant and symbolic examples of environmental harm and protection within the series. We will also be examining how Harry Potter can be used to start conversations surrounding the environment. Some of the topics that we might talk about include the Forbidden Forest and its resemblance to post-modern land management techniques. By examining current environmental and climate-related events, we will discuss how this fictional series can be used in many settings to changes lives and viewpoints on the environment and our role in protecting or destroying it.

Interdisciplinary Strategies for Community Engagement
HNRS 4000 (3) 11:30-12:45pm TR; Moore                       Course # 16312

This course is an immersive learning experience that combines anthropology, archaeology, historic preservation, musical aesthetics, digital humanities, social media development, website management, and historical research methods to engage with communities in Ohio for the public good.  It will combine literature review, class discussions, visiting lecturers, and active learning techniques to empower students to analyze, assess, and deploy community engagement strategies and leverage public and private resources for the good of the community and larger society.

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