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Simon Morgan-Russell
Arts and SciencesBFA Creative Writing, and BA English
Shawna BabulaArts and SciencesBFA and BA degrees in the humanities
Jodi Lambdin DevineOffice of the Provost RAAM (Resort and Attraction Management)
Jodi Lambdin Devine
Education and Human DevelopmentAll
Shawna BabulaArts and SciencesBSJ, BAC, and BA degrees in the social sciences
Chrissy Shaal
Arts and Sciences
Bachelors of Science, BA (Psychology, Biology and Computer Science)
Madi SmithMusical ArtsAll
Madi SmithHealth and Human Services
All (except Pre-Nursing and BSN)
Chrissy ShaalHealth and Human ServicesPre-Nursing, BSN
Krista SturdevantPre Major Advising
Deciding Students
Madi SmithTechnology, Architecture & Applied Engineering
Krista SturdevantSchmidthorst College of BusinessAll

Honors Course Lists

(Seminars are for any interested honors student. All seminars are 1 credit.)

The Production of Space and Sustainability in the Midwest City

HNRS 4000: section 1001, 76082; 1 credit

Faculty: Ben Burghart, Professor of Architecture and Environmental Design

Time/Day: Tuesdays at 2:30-3:20pm

This seminar investigates how public policies governing the built environment, such as zoning codes, building codes, land use taxes, and real estate development regulations, affect public health, carbon emissions, and social and educational outcomes. Cross-cultural comparisons will include real-world case studies of housing and “eco-district” developments from abroad. Local “field work” in the Toledo area will feature prominently, including photo essays, freehand sketching, mapmaking, and interviews. Students will be asked to engage with elected officials, neighborhood associations, and urban planning practitioners. Students with an interest in public service, civic engagement, community organizing, politics, graphic design, and design research will appreciate the seminar’s focus.


Neurodiversity in Practice: Supporting Neurodivergent Individuals in Inclusive and Affirming Ways

HNRS 4000: Section 1002, 76083; 1 credit

Faculty: Dr. Siva priya Santhanam, Communication Sciences and Disorders and Victoria Jean VanUitert, School of Inclusive Education

Time/Day: Wednesdays, 12:30pm-1:20pm

Neurodiversity refers to the natural difference in how individuals perceive and experience the world. At least 20% of individuals are neurodivergent (i.e., experience the world in ways that differ from the societal norm), which includes, but is not limited to, people with ADHD, learning disabilities, and who are autistic. Engaging with the world differently does not mean it is “wrong” or needs to be “fixed.” Rather, the diversity of thought and ability brings innovation and creativity. It is important to understand and provide accessible, inclusive, and equitable learning and working environments for neurodivergent individuals.  In this course, we will explore what neurodiversity is; address misconceptions, stigma, and stereotypes around neurodivergence; and explore ways to cultivate an inclusive learning or working environment. To facilitate this, we will incorporate interactive activities and discussions as well as include the expressions and experiences of a diverse group of neurodivergent people into the lessons. The goal for this course is to help students to gain deeper insight in neurodiversity and be able to apply this knowledge towards becoming an advocate and ally to neurodivergent individuals in their work environments and learning spaces.

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