Honors Tutorials

Combined Honors Courses and Tutorials 

Thank you for considering whether to teach a cross-listed or “combined” Honors course, or an Honors tutorial. As students bring increasingly higher numbers of college credits to BGSU, these experiences are essential for their completion of the Honors College curriculum. We use the term “combined” to describe a section of a departmental course that has two “sub-sections,” one for Honors and one for non-Honors students (for example, ENG 3010/3010H), each with multiple enrolled students. An Honors tutorial course is an experience pursued by an individual student, who is already registered for a non-Honors section that you are teaching.

Governor Mike DeWine H2Ohio


The student has the responsibility for completing the web request for a tutorial, though this requires them to discuss the experience with the faculty member and plan how it will be completed. The form can be found here

Whether you are teaching a tutorial or combined class, two sections for your class will be created, one for Honors and one for non-Honors students. Faculty report grades as usual through their Faculty Center.

This is negotiated between the Honors College and your department chair or school director during the course scheduling process.

Updated: 07/09/2023 08:09PM