Graduating with Honors

Graduation with University Honors is one of the highest honors granted by Bowling Green State University.

To graduate with University Honors, students must demonstrate not only their ability to perform well in a range of both Honors and non-Honors courses but also their attainment of the five learning outcomes essential to the Honors College: 

Camilla Pinero

(1) the ability to draw interdisciplinary connections, (2) to convey ideas clearly and forcefully both orally and in writing, (3) to think independently, (4) to think critically and analytically, and (5) to work collaboratively with others. 

When you graduate with University Honors, your name and title of your project appears in the graduation program book and you receive the privilege of wearing additional academic regalia, an Honors medallion, provided to you by the Honors College.

Students who aspire to graduate with University Honors must fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for this prestigious distinction:

  • Earn a minimum cumulative University G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher and a minimum 3.4 or higher G.P.A. in all Honors courses presented for graduation with Honors requirement.
  • Enroll in and successfully complete at least 23 graded credit hours of Honors coursework; these 23 hours will include HNRS 2010: Introduction to Critical Thinking, HNRS 2020: Critical Thinking about Great Ideas, BGSU 1910H: Freshman Seminar, HNRS 4980: Honors Project Development, and HNRS 4990: Honors Project. Additionally, students must:
  • Earn a grade of “A” or “B” in each course.
  • Count as part of their 23 graded hours no more than 10 hours from the same general education category.
  • Count as part of their 23 graded hours no more than 10 hours from the Colleges of Education, Business, or Musical Arts.
  • Count as part of their 23 graded hours no more than 6 hours of Honors Independent Study and/or Honors Tutorial.
  • Complete and orally defend an Honors Project and earn a grade of “A” or “B” in both HNRS 4980: Honors Project Development and HNRS 4990: Honors Project. The oral defense component of the Honors Project Course: HNRS 4990 is required for all Honors students who joined the Honors College starting Fall 2015 and after.