Beth A. Sanders, Ph.D.

Position: Department Chair and Professor
Phone: 419-372-2326


Dr. Beth A. Sanders received her Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati. She began her academic career at Kent State University and spent several years working in public health at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital at the Child Health Statistics Center. She joined BGSU in 2018 and is currently the Chair of the Department of Human Services. 

Her research interests include police officer selection and job performance as well as public opinion toward the death penalty. She has served as a consultant to police departments in the areas of officer selection, performance evaluation, and community relations. She has also conducted program evaluations for adult probation and juvenile treatment programs. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Criminal Justice Education, Deviant Behavior, and Policing.

Selected Publications:

Beth A. Sanders (2003) "Maybe there’s no such thing as a “good cop”: Organizational challenges in selecting quality officers", Policing: An International Journal, Vol. 26 No. 2, pp. 313-328, DOI:

Beth A. Sanders (2008) "Using personality traits to predict police officer performance", Policing: An International Journal, Vol. 31 No. 1, pp. 129-147, DOI:  

Beth A. Sanders (2010) POLICE CHIEF PERCEPTIONS OF GOOD POLICING IN NON-URBAN DEPARTMENTS, Journal of Crime and Justice, 33:1, 117-135, DOI: 10.1080/0735648X.2010.9721282

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