Dietetics student pursuing degree at age 50

It's never too late to learn and BGSU student, Lisa Langhals, made the choice to finish her degree.

Making the decision to attend college at age 50 is not an easy one, but senior dietetics student, Lisa Langhals, is happy she made the decision enroll at Bowling Green State University. Prior to coming to BGSU, Langhals was the Wellness Director at the Putman County YMCA. After her position was eliminated due to budget cuts, she began her new job search and quickly discovered a few road blocks. Despite having multiple certifications, she said it was difficult to find a desirable job in the wellness field without a bachelor’s degree.

Shortly after becoming unemployed, she temporarily relocated to Florida to take care of her stepfather who suffered a stroke. During this time, she visited many hospitals, rehab facilities and nursing homes. Langhals found it distressing to witness the devastating effect of diseases that could be preventable by living a healthy lifestyle.

Langhals’ background in wellness allowed her to act as a liaison between her family and the doctors, translating medical jargon to help her family understand prognosis and treatment. People took notice and suggested she consider going into the medical field. Langhals took this advice to heart.

“After considering my options I knew I would be happier in disease prevention rather than in the treatment of diseases,” she said.

From there, Langhals made the decision to apply to BGSU and entered into the dietetics program. She said her time at BGSU has been challenging but rewarding, and she is happy with the connections she has made with students and faculty.

Her years of hard work paid off, and Langhals was awarded the Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals Scholarship of Excellence after being nominated by professors Dr. Mary Jon Ludy and Dr. Tim Brackenbury.
“Helping individuals and families live happier, healthier lives by providing them with the tools and skills they need to be healthy is my goal.” she said.

Langhals said she is extremely grateful and honored to be a recipient of the award. She said though college has been challenging at times, she has enjoyed it and is extremely proud to be recognized for her hard work. She is very grateful to the faculty and staff at BG who have helped her navigate the last few years.

“It’s frustrating sometimes trying to juggle schedules and other responsibilities, but I trust the process. I trust my advisor and the faculty here at BGSU,” she said.

After graduation, Langhals plans on becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist. She plans to work in community wellness and wants to focus on developing programs that incorporate nutrition and culinary skills into lifestyles of the community members. She looks forward to maintaining the friendships she has made with her fellow students after she graduates. She said the special connections she has made with classmates and faculty have been a very rewarding part of her experience at BGSU.

Updated: 11/27/2019 01:26PM