Governance Document

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FC 1011    Mission of BGSU Firelands College

FC 2011    The Dean 

FC 2111    College Faculty Organization

FC 2112    Faculty Meetings 

FC 2121    Elections of Faculty Officers 

FC 2122    Officers, representatives and their basic duties

FC 2123    Timelines for electing faculty and staff

FC 3011    College Council 

FC 3021    College Council Agenda 

FC 3022    College Council Recommendations

FC 3023    Ad Hoc Committee Procedures

FC 3024    Firelands Dean Evaluation

FC 4011    Academic Affairs  

FC 4012    Curriculum Guidelines 

FC 4021    Curriculum Changes 

FC 4031    AAC Chair Duties 

FC 4111    Academic Review Board

FC 4112    Substitution and Waiver Guidelines 

FC 4121    Reinstatement Petitions 

FC 4141    Substitution/Waiver Request

FC 4142    Petition for Reinstatement 

FC 4143    Advisor Recommendation

FC 4151    Petition Vote

FC 4211    Program Review Committee

FC 4221    Program Review Process 

FC 4231    Program Review Report 

FC 4232    Tech Prep Program Review Report    withdrawn

FC 4311    Library Advisory

FC 4411    Common Read

FC 4511    College Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee (C-RPTC)

FC 4512    Non Tenure Track Promotion Review Committee    withdrawn

FC 4611    Advancement of Faculty Scholarship and Creative Work Committee

FC 5011    WorkPlace Culture

FC 5111    Budget

FC 5121    Budget Review

FC 5211    Information Technology

FC 5212    Information Technology - Academic Subcommittee    withdrawn

FC 5213    Information Technology - Administrative Subcommittee   withdrawn

FC 5311    Instructional Television    withdrawn

FC 5411    Capital Improvements Advisory 

FC 5511    Diversity and Belonging Council

FC 6011    Office Space Allocation Process

FC 6022    Cancellation of Classes held at SCHS    withdrawn

FC 7011    Distinguished Teacher Award   

FC 7021    Distinguished Teacher Guidelines

FC 7111    Distinguished Administrative Staff Award

FC 7121    Staff and Alumni Awards

FC 7211    Distinguished Classified Staff Award

FC 7221    Distinguished Classified Staff Award Committee

FC 9011    Document Control

FC 9121    Document Revision

FC 9131    Distribution

FC 9211    Document Index

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