College Credit Plus helps student earn degree at BGSU Firelands

Kye Scott '22 starts journey to be a doctor

By Patrick Pfanner

Long journeys include plenty of steps. The journey to become a doctor has more steps than most .

For Kye Scott ‘22, the first step was enrolling at BGSU Firelands through College Credit Plus. The second was graduating from college with an Associate of Science this past spring.

BGSU Firelands student Kye Scott smiles during the college's April 2022 graduate celebration.
BGSU Firelands student Kye Scott smiles during the college's April 2022 graduate celebration.

Scott is an 18-year-old Sandusky resident who also recently graduated from high school. He earned college and high school credit simultaneously and will continue his studies this fall.

“I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, and I thought an Associate of Science would help me get a head start on that mission,” said Scott, noting he has an interest in orthopedics. “I’m thankful I had this chance through BGSU Firelands.”

The BGSU Firelands College Credit Plus program gives college-bound students the opportunity to earn credit early. Students enrolled in the program have the advantage of starting the transition to college sooner while reducing the cost and length of time required to earn a degree.

Scott enrolled in College Credit Plus while in the eighth grade and adapted to the increased workload while maintaining an active personal life. He said the program is a worthwhile investment.

Scott“Parents are overjoyed that their student can get a head start, and students like College Credit Plus for the freedom it allows as they complete their high school education,” said Jenn Buening, director of Academic and Career Advising at BGSU Firelands.

Buening believes taking college courses while in high school helps students build confidence and maturity, which will better prepare them to be an undergraduate student. She recognized Scott’s strong commitment to his goals on day one.

“Kye impressed me because he had great drive and determination,” she said. “He was an all-star basketball player and still maintained a heavy course load.”

Scott said his upbringing instilled a strong drive to succeed and credits the supportive environment at home and BGSU Firelands for fostering growth.

“My family has been very supportive; they’re proud,” said Scott, who is the youngest of three siblings. “They push me to be great. That’s why I have a long-term plan, because I can’t settle for less. I want to max out my potential and be a provider for my family. When I’m in a school environment, I’m even more motivated to get my work done."

With high school and College Credit Plus complete, Scott is excited for the future. He plans to enroll in another university this fall to major in health sciences on the pre-med track. 

“My experience at BGSU Firelands was a 10 out of 10,” Scott said. “The college set me on the path to success and gave me a head start on my long-term goals. Without Firelands college, I would be two years behind where I am today.”

Updated: 12/05/2022 05:06PM