Undergraduate Faculty Mentor of the Year Award

Dr. Andrew J. Gregory

Assistant Professor of Spatial Ecology
School of Earth, Environment and Society


Dr. Gregory earned his PHD in ecology and evolutionary Biology at Kansas State University in 2011 and joined the faculty at BGSU in the School of Earth, Environment and Society in the fall of 2013. After starting his position at BGSU, he created the Genetic Research in Applied Spatial Ecology Lab (GRASE). The research focus of GRASE is to apply contemporary geospatial and spatial genetical analyses to better understand how human land use impacts the distribution and viability of wildlife populations. This work lends itself readily to student capstone projects, where undergraduate students get to collect and analyze data, and present the results of their work at regional, national and international scientific conferences. Since coming to BGSU Dr. Gregory has had the fortune to work on research projects with more than 15 undergraduate students. These students have presented their work at three regional, two national and four international scientific conferences and two undergraduate students are currently working on publishing the results of their work. Dr. Gregory thoroughly enjoys engaging undergraduates students in research because he finds their passion and enthusiasm for the work to be inspiring.

A few words from the students who nominated Dr. Gregory:

“Throughout my experience working with Dr. Gregory he gave me the skills to work with a team in the lab as well as the knowledge to work alone. He taught me to think about a topic with a different perspective that allowed me to work better on my own with problem solving.”

“He is very positive and very knowledgeable in his fields. He is also always welcoming to help you and go the extra mile to explain a concept for you!”

“Dr. Andrew Gregory goes above and beyond with providing interested students with involvement with ongoing research, or even their own projects. I have been involved in Dr. Gregory's lab for almost two years and he often approaches me and other undergraduate students with new research opportunities. He strives for his students to excel outside of the classroom and to get involved with a self-motivated inquiry-based learning experience. Personally, Dr. Gregory has allowed me to learn hands-on technical and critical thinking skills through research that I would never have received in a class setting.”

“Dr. Gregory provides a wealth of research opportunity and knowledge to any student interested in extracurricular research for student and professional development.”