Featured Undergraduate Projects

Healthy Habit Routine Vs. the Dreaded 15

Shover sitting with her mentors in their office.

With the busy life a college student and limited income, it comes as no surprise that college students are notorious for neglecting their health. A student’s self-care routine can be just as important as their academic studies, and that is exactly what allied health undergraduate Caylie Shover is looking at in her study. 

Shover is working directly alongside her mentors, professor Dr. Lauren Maziariz and graduate student Sherry Grone, to determine to exactly what extent undergraduates neglect self-care and health. In their study, they are looking at everything from a students’ major, to social media use and to personal interaction to get a full picture of the self-care routine of undergraduates. Shover and her mentors will conduct surveys for students after spring break, giving participants a $100 Amazon gift card as incentive.  

An allied health undergraduate herself, Shover has a passion and interest in the health of others that she demonstrates daily. With her study, Shover is aiming to increase the availability of healthy foods and fitness opportunities for students, as well as help to create more flexible class times and structures. Shover said that she hopes that, with the eventual results of her study, she can have a better understanding of students’ habits in order to determine what solutions may help students become more aware of their personal needs for self-care.