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Educational Resources for Teachers of Marshallese Students

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Li Post discusses the importance of english education supplemental resources for all non-native speakers.

Previously Featured Undergraduate Projects

Student Art Archives

A faculty-led, student-run initiative


The Relationship between Mental Fatigue...

Freyja Hofler collaborated with professors, graduate students, and fellow undergraduate scholars to make memories.

sarah blake

THC-A Conversion Rate

Sarah Blake learned how to dissect scientific journals to make her own great discoveries.


Photoactive Vanadium Bioplastics

How did Hope Brown make a single-use plastic that’s biodegradable and eco-friendly?


No Nazis in Valhalla

A CURS Ambassador, Lena Nighswander explored her passion for Viking culture and its startling appropriation in Nazi Germany.


Sediment from the Western Lake Erie Basin...

Emily Manner investigated nearby water to reveal more about the health of soybean samples.


Familial Relationship Changes...

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, interactions between generations was significantly impacted. Clara Barned analyzed those relationships.


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