Academic Affairs


John Murray Fischer, Ph.D

Position: Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs


We are here to support you throughout your entire BGSU career. From opening weekend activities until you walk across the stage at graduation to receive your diploma, we help prepare you for whatever your future holds. Not only will you have the finest academic experience, but also develop strong, lasting relationships with both your fellow students and the faculty and staff who work with you. It’s the BG Experience—a journey you’ll never forget.

From day one, we match you with an advisor who is totally invested in your success; they will help you design an academic program that will give you both the general and specialized knowledge you need to make a difference in the world. Our wide range of undergraduate programs are among the best in the state, region, and are nationally recognized.

We will support you, challenge you, help you create goals and explore all the experiential learning opportunities designed for life-long success. Through our newly redesigned BG Perspective program, you will receive the best general education foundation; this will show you how to think critically and to creatively solve the problems you will encounter after you earn your degree. Through our nationally recognized learning communities and residence halls, you’ll learn what “community” really means in. All of our campus programs help you engage as a citizen, prepare you for your career, and guide you to global leadership.

You’ll find your learning style here at BGSU. From study abroad, to online courses, to internships, research, and capstone experiences, we have the programs and people dedicated to the success of every student. You can learn through service, be part of summer bridge program, or take classes in the summer. We provide every opportunity imaginable to help you learn, explore, and build a solid foundation for your future.

The BG Experience is the best of the undergraduate experience and it’s all right here for you!
John Fischer
John Murray Fischer, Ph.D.
Senior Vice Provost for Avademic Affairs