Academic Affairs


Glenn Davis, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

BGSU is committed to preparing our students to lead meaningful and productive lives. We understand learning as a collaborative process of intellectual and personal growth, through which all involved become more enlightened about the world, more equipped to meet its challenges, and more empowered to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

The BGSU student community extends from Bowling Green throughout the region and the world via our Firelands campus, online programs, and education abroad. The perspectives and experiences that you and your fellow Falcons bring to these settings reflect the diversity of our society. That diversity is strength, and we are committed to building that strength at BGSU by fostering a learning environment that welcomes, includes, and engages all.

BGSU academic programs are structured to combine breadth and depth. Our BG Perspective general education program will challenge you to frame problems from multiple disciplinary perspectives and help you set the intensive learning in your major field in a wider context. As a BGSU student, you are also positioned to combine your formal learning with experiences outside the classroom. Join a student organization, pursue undergraduate research or creative work, apply your knowledge in an internship or co-op, or become a member of a residential or themed learning community. Build the comprehensive experience that that will form you as the thinker, the professional, the community member, the citizen you aspire to be.

As you work toward your educational goals, there will be faculty members, advisors, and student support professionals who open their doors to you along the way. When you connect with them, they become partners and guides in your effort to overcome obstacles, learn from mistakes, and chart a purposeful course to graduation. They can also help you develop an ongoing practice of reflection about how the different parts of your education connect and how you can put your learning to work in the world.

As a public university for the public good, we believe that the value of higher education is both individual and social. As a graduate, you will look back on personally transformative experiences and forward to new opportunities that your hard-earned degree has opened for you. You will also join the expanding ranks of BGSU alumni, who are out in the world, fueling the innovation essential to a dynamic and sustainable economy, fostering the discovery and creativity essential to a rich culture, and advancing the civic and global engagement essential to a just and vibrant democracy. 

Walking across the stage on commencement day is a moment to be celebrated. But real challenges—and the most important successes—will lie before and after that moment. You and your university share a commitment to that success. Let’s rise to the challenges together.