Photographic Bibliography

MS 19 O. B. Workman (1908-1971)
Papers, 1878-1971.
Paulding County, Ohio
Correspondence, literary manuscripts, printed material, photographs, and oral interview tapes related to the agricultural, industrial, and small town life of Paulding County, Ohio. Includes Workman family genealogy. (1.25 linear ft.)

MS 91 Irven I. Freyman (1884-1956)
Photograph collection, 1907-1920.
Wood County, Ohio
Glass plate negatives, copy negatives, and photographic prints of Portage and Bowling Green, Ohio, and the petroleum industry in Wood County, Ohio (.25 lf.)

MS 157 Robert J. Dodge
Papers, 1887-1982.
Ottawa County, Ohio
Correspondence, personal papers, literary productions, news clippings, and photographs focusing on Put-in-Bay, Ohio and South Bass Island, Lake Erie. (4.5 linear ft.)

MS 190 Hill/Morgan Family
Papers, 1831-1980.
Family collection, including correspondence and papers of Guy Morgan, who served with Co. K, 21st O.V.I.

MS 255 Utah Gospel Mission (Cleveland, Ohio)
Records, 1895-1952.
Collection including glass plate negatives and photographic prints showing the activities in the West of an anti-Mormon missionary society based in Cleveland (6 lf.)

MS 279 Ohio ASCS Aerial Photos
Records, 1969-1970.
Includes maps and photographic prints.

MS 304 Ohio Historic Preservation Office Negative Collection
Photograph collection, 1976-1986.
Negative collection of the Northwest Ohio field office of the Ohio Historic Preservation, including 35 mm. negatives of residential, commercial, industrial, religious, public, institutional, and farm structures, as well as a number of 35 mm. slides, primarily of Carey, Ohio, and two notebooks of material related to historic structures in Perrysburg, Ohio. (1 lf.)

MS 311 Blake Tyson Collection
Photographs, 1900-1912
Sixty copy negatives and 52 black and white prints depicting scenes and events taken of or by a rural Wood County family during the early 20th century.

MS 336 Max Shafer
Photograph collection, 1886-1924.
Wood County, Ohio
Photographs documenting the petroleum industry in Ohio and the Midwest, centered around Cygnet, Ohio and southern Wood County (.5 lf.)

MS 337 Henry Freyensee (1876-1964)
Photograph collection, 1897-1916
Sandusky, Ohio
Original glass plate negatives showing the Sandusky, Ohio area, particularly the lake shipping industry (.5 lf.)

MS 338 Delphos, Ohio Negative Collection
Photograph collection, 1872-1981
Delphos, Ohio
Original and copy negatives of the Delphos, Ohio area, collected by the Delphos Public Library (.25 lf.)

MS 343 Wilbur Hague
Papers, 1907-2001
Photographs, indexes, printed material, and research notebooks centered on the interurban transportation network in Northwest Ohio. 1.5 linear ft.

MS 358 Pemberville, Ohio Photo/Negative Collection
Photograph collection, 1974-1976
Pemberville, Ohio
Photographic material related to the history of the village of Pemberville, Wood County, Ohio, documenting the village and the festivities surrounding the its centennial and the national bicentennial in 1976. Also included in the collection are negatives of historical views of the village from the 19th-20th centuries, including pictures of the 1913 flood (.3 lf).

MS 392 Charlotte Buyer
Photograph collection, 1872-1963
Bellevue, Ohio
Glass plate negatives of street scenes, portraits, festivals, and aerial views taken around Bellevue, Ohio; originally collected by Ben Buyer (.5 lf.)

MS 416 Gaylord Rufus Lewis
Photograph collection, 1913-1967
Photographs of the work G. R. Lewis did as a fairgrounds design consultant, illustrating the steps in design and construction of fairgrounds and their buildings, including grandstands.

MS 454 Edward S. Bronson (1873-1965)
Photograph collection, 1906-1949
Defiance, Ohio
Contact prints made from large format (10 x 31 cm.) negatives showing life and activities in the Defiance, Ohio area. Original negatives located at the Defiance Public Library (2 lf.)

MS 474 Samuel Henry Sterner (1875-1961)
Photograph collection, circa 1900-1920
Original glass plate negatives of a Hancock County, Ohio amateur, showing family activities and farm life (.5 lf.)

MS 476 Hoverman Studio
Photograph collection, circa 1910-1938
Delphos, Ohio
Original glass plate and film negatives from a commercial photographic studio, including portraits, interiors, and street scenes (3.5 lf.)

MS 482 George Albert Adam (1894-1925) Negative Collection
Photograph collection, circa 1900-1925
Van Wert County, Ohio
Original glass plate negatives of a Van Wert County, Ohio amateur photographer, showing family activities and farm life (.5 lf.)

MS 493 A. Lowell Randall (1912-1997) Collection
Papers, 1942-1945
World War II era correspondence from a Bowling Green, Ohio podiatrist serving with the U.S. Army in Naples, Italy and Okinawa, Japan, written to his mother. Includes photographs taken while stationed overseas (1 linear ft.)

MS 566 Jeanette Boyer Link Collection
Photograph collection, circa 1910-1955
Bellevue, Ohio
Amateur photographs, primarily of the Bellevue, Ohio area and activities of the Link family (.5 lf.)

MS 608 Andrew Brown and Jeanette Hall Family
Papers, 1833-1992
McComb, Ohio
A collection of family history, including correspondence, photographs, financial documents, literary productions, scrapbook materials, and legal documents. Also included is a large collection of postcards and documentation on the Hall Hardware Store in McComb, Ohio; the McComb Public Library; the McComb Philomath Club; and the Presbyterian Church and Woman's Home Missionary Society, McComb, Ohio. (13 linear feet.)

MS 617 Paul Schmitz Collection
Photograph collection, circa 1900-1936
Wood County, Ohio
Copy prints and negatives of scenes around Bowling Green, Ohio and vicinity (.5 lf.)

MS 628 The Lathrop Company
Papers, 1965-1999
Toledo, Ohio
Correspondence, subject files, annual reports, literary productions, scrapbook information, printed materials, and photographs of a Toledo, Ohio construction firm.

MS 654 George W. Wise Negative Collection
Negative collection, circa 1910-1920
Fulton County, Ohio
Glass plate negatives (51) showing activities around the Fulton County, Ohio area and vacation scenes from an unidentified lake, possibly in southern Michigan. Copy prints made from the best 21 negatives (.25 lf.)

MS 655 Port Clinton Lantern Slides
Transparency collection, circa 1886-1930
Port Clinton, Ohio
Positive lantern slides (76), possibly produced for educational purposes, showing early views of the harbor, street scenes, and people. Includes two reels of motion picture film (16mm) showing Port Clinton High School, the source of this collection (.25 lf.)

MS 709 Betty Bucher Becker Collection
Papers, Photographs, 1864-1941
Waterville, Ohio
Primarily a photographic collection centered around Waterville, Ohio, with some additional genealogical/family history material. The majority of the photos are from the Isham farm near Waterville, but include photographs of flood damage and several depicting the construction of the Ohio Electric Interurban Bridge at Waterville around 1906.

MS 762 Boggs Castle Film Collection
Collection of 64 commercially produced newsreel films (on both 5 inch and 3 inch reels) from the period of World War II and the years immediately preceding it.

MS 802 Roy B. Leedy Collection
Photographs, ca. 1920s-1930s
Copy negatives and photoprints centered on the Evangelical Churches, houses and street scenes of such towns as Ashland, Bellevue, and Greensburg, Ohio.

MS 1051 Henry ZumFelde Photograph Collection
Papers, 1850-2000
Photographs of the Oberhaus, ZumFelde and related families of Henry County, Ohio.

MS 1065 mf Yvonne Slyker Cave Collection
Photographs, ca. 1945-1948
Bowling Green, Ohio
Snapshots, including many taken during her years as a student at Bowling Green State University between 1945 and her graduation with the Class of 1948.

MS 1067 Paul Willis Jones
Papers, 1901-2005
Correspondence, genealogical subject files, project subject files, literary materials, printed materials and photographs related to the life and activities of Bowling Green Daily Sentinel-Tribune Editor Paul W. Jones, and includes the correspondence and research notes of John L. Dickey.

MS 1099 Joseph Carl Spratt (1893-1974)
Papers, 1908-1912
Letters and postcards sent by a crewmember of the U.S.S. Kearsarge during the “Great White Fleet” cruise around the world during 1908-1909 and during later service aboard the U.S.S. North Dakota.

MS 1104 Wentz Family
Papers, 1890-1940
Photographs, both in albums and loose, documenting scenes around the Wood County Courthouse, Court Street, and the Women’s Club Building in Bowling Green, Ohio. Activities include parades, picnics and church, and some views of family vacations including the Chicago “Century of Progress” World’s Fair in 1933 and Ohio tourist destinations, Mac-o-Chee Castle and Ohio Caverns.

MS 1116 Young-Furst Collection
Papers, 1916-1924, 1942, 1960s
Photos from the Lima News printers and the International Typographical Union Local 296. Sandusky photos include a variety of Lake Erie scenes.  Other photograph series depict camp life of U.S. soldiers stationed in Europe during WW I.  Artifacts and books documenting Furst's career as a marine engineer on the Great Lakes.

MS 1129 Brad Phalin Photograph Collection
Material relating primarily to Phalin’s role as yearbook photographer for BGSU’s The Key from 1987-1989.

MS 1130 Jack Vivian Photograph Collection
Includes handwritten notes of Jim Gordon’s interview with BGSU Ice Hockey Coach Jack Vivian, and photographs and negatives of the team and Jack Vivian during games and practices. There are also images of the hockey team enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at the Vivian house in November 1968.

MS 1162 Eric Mull Photograph Collection
Collection, 1989-1991
Bowling Green, Ohio
Includes of one cubic foot of photograph material relating to Bowling Green State University and off-campus student life.

MMS 302 Henry E. Sheffield
Photo album, circa 1906-1908
Ottawa County, Ohio
Snapshot album with views of Put-in-Bay and South Bass Island

MMS 355 James Kitz
Photograph collection, 1985
Lucas County, Ohio
Negatives and contact sheets showing changes in the intersection of Sylvania, Lewis, Martha, and Phillips in Toledo, Ohio (66 items)

MMS 491 Bertha Shirley (1882-1972)
Photograph collection, circa 1900-1920
Paulding County, Ohio
Photographs of family activities and farm life in Paulding County, Ohio (49 items).

MMS 509 Gladys Gangware Perry
Photo album, 1915-1916
Bowling Green, Ohio
Snapshot album of life and activities of a student at Bowling Green Normal College.

MMS 890 Daybrook Hydraulic Corporation
Photograph collection, circa 1939-1948
Photographs of the plant and of equipment, including images of bridge-building equipment in use in Europe during World War II.

MMS 908 Brill Family
Photograph collection, circa 1850-1940
Seneca County, Ohio
Family photographs and agricultural scenes in Seneca County, Ohio (71 items)

MMS 918 Port Clinton Scrapbook
Photographs, 1934-1951
Ottawa County, Ohio
Snapshots by unidentified photographer of Port Clinton harbor and Port Clinton Yacht Club activities

MMS 947 S.P. Stewart & Son (Bowling Green, Ohio)
Photo album, circa 1920
Bowling Green, Ohio
Portfolio pictures of architectural firm projects in Bowling Green and Northwest Ohio, including Cla-Zel Theatre and BGSU buildings (49 items)

MMS 948 Dale Thiebaut
Photograph collection, circa 1890-1986
Northwest Ohio
Copy negatives of Northwest Ohio activities, scenes, and industries, including Bigelow Family Band of Bowling Green and workers at the Lima Locomotive Works (45 items)

MMS 975 F.W. Lawson Co. (Pittsburg, Pa.)
Photo album, 1922
Portfolio pictures of flag and bunting company projects including buildings in Toledo and Dayton, Ohio

MMS 1030 Carroll Lee Lanning
Vietnam War slides, Feb 1969-Feb 1970
Slides taken by a soldier with the Army Corps of Engineers during tour of duty in Vietnam (407 slides)

MMS 1031 Fryberger Family
Photograph collection, 1884-1934
Family portrait collection (19 items)

MMS 1035 Joseph J. Arpad
Video production slides : "Ohio oil and gas boom", 1984.
Slides of historical photographs, from various sources, related to the petroleum industry in Ohio; many used in WBGU-TV documentary

MMS 1140 Hulda Condon
Photograph collection, 1892-1943
Personal collection of a Lucas County, Ohio schoolteacher, includes class pictures and Condon family photographs (32 items)

MMS 1171 Fish/Thorn Family
Photograph collection, circa 1875-1950
Family portrait collection, some with identification (120 items)

MMS 1181 Carr Family
Photograph collection, circa 1880-1930
Family portrait collection, including members of related Avery and Hughes families, some with identification (39 items)

MMS 1187 Toledo Zoological Gardens
Photo album, April 1934
Toledo, Ohio
Construction photographs of the Monkey House and the Reptile House

MMS 1189 Radeloff/Fahle Family
Photograph collection, circa 1870-1920
Family portrait collection, some with identification (15 items)

MMS 1190 Stearns Family
Photograph collection, circa 1866-1920
Family portrait collection, some with identification (126 items)

MMS 1261 Vistula Historic District Commission
Lucas County, Ohio
Selected buildings in the Vistula Historic District, 1992.
Architectural photographs by David Holman, includes identification sheet with street address. Negatives on file at the Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commission (100 items)

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