Agriculture Bibliography

MS 3 Patrons of Husbandry, Ohio State Grange, Union Grange #1475
Records, 1898-1962.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Secretary's minutes, membership records, correspondence, financial records, and a scrapbook. 1 linear ft.

MS 17 Van Wert County Seed Improvement Association
Records, 1938-1950.
Van Wert County, Ohio
Minutes, correspondence, membership lists, and constitution. .3 linear ft.

MS 19 O.B. Workman
Papers, 1878-1971.
Paulding County, Ohio
Correspondence, literary manuscripts, printed material, photographs, and oral interview tapes related to the agricultural, industrial, and small town life of Paulding County, Ohio. Includes Workman family genealogy. 1.25 linear ft.

MS 40 National Farm Strike, American Agriculture Movement, State Headquarters
Records, 1977-1978.
Spencerville, Ohio
Correspondence, printed material and newsclippings dealing with a proposed nationwide agricultural strike in 1977-1978.

MS 45
Dorothy Ringle Collection
Papers, 1862-1961.
Seneca County, Ohio
Family collection, including extensive material on Rolla M. Myers, the Ohio Marketing Quota Protest Association, general Myers Family material, and some Civil War material. 3.5 linear ft.

MS 70 mf Perrysburg Grain and Supply Association
Records, 1916-1978.
Perrysburg, Ohio
Minutes of Board and Stockholder's meetings, and stock reports. Microfilm

MS 172
Patrons of Husbandry, Ohio State Grange, Wingston Grange #2627
Records, 1936-1979.
Wingston, Ohio
Minutes, roll books, membership applications, legal papers, and certificates. .5 linear ft.

MS 180 mf Sun Grain Association
Records, 1912-1954.
Risingsun, Ohio
Board of Directors meeting minutes, annual stockholders meeting minutes, and stock registers. Microfilm.

MS 205 Patrons of Husbandry, Ohio State Grange, Lake Grange #2205
Records, 1919-1954.
Lake Township, Wood County, Ohio
Minutes, membership applications, and a dedication booklet. .5 linear ft.

MS 208 Fulton County Home Agent Records
Annual reports, 1936-1965.
Fulton County, Ohio
Annual reports of the rural extension service in Fulton County, Ohio. 1 linear ft.

MS 215 Wood County Cooperative Extension Service
Reports, 1922-1975.
Bowling Green, Ohio
Annual reports of the extension service in Wood County, Ohio. Some reports include original photographs, clippings, circulars, and statistics of programs as well as later enrollment sheets for 4-H clubs.

MS 224 Imogene Elwer Papers
Papers, 1947-1975.
Primarily consists of news clippings, programs, and photographic materials.

MS 257 mf Patrons of Husbandry, Ohio State Grange, Salem Grange #2259
Records, 1919-1968.
Wood County, Ohio
Minutes, roll and dues books, Juvenile Grange minutes, and an account ledger. Microfilm

MS 269 Patrons of Husbandry, Ohio State Grange, Fort Meigs Grange #2125
Records, 1938-1957.
Perrysburg, Ohio
Minutes, election results, correspondence, reports, minor financial records, and printed material. 1 linear ft.

MS 279 Ohio ASCS Aerial Photos
Records, 1969-1970.
Includes maps and photographic prints.

MS 370 Sandusky County Farm Bureau Federation
Records, 1943-1984
Includes membership lists, correspondence, pamphlets and reports from meetings, as well as photographs and audio tapes of Farm Bureau activities.

MS 380 Buckeye Traction Ditcher Collection, Garwood Industries
Records, 1900-1988
Northwest Ohio
Includes sales and instruction manuals, parts catalogs, photographs, customer information cards, and newsclippings dealing with one of the largest tile ditching and construction trenching companies in the world, particularly its ditching machines.

MS 388
Helen Kirk Randall and Walter F. Kirk Collection
Papers, 1928-1941.
Ottawa County, Ohio
Proceedings, correspondence, reports, appointment diaries, and legal documents of Kirk while Master of the Ohio State Grange; Kirk family papers, including an account book and legal papers. 1 linear ft.

MS 482 George Albert Adam (1894-1925) Negative Collection
Photograph collection, circa 1900-1925
Van Wert County, Ohio
Original glass plate negatives of a Van Wert County, Ohio amateur photographer, showing family activities and farm life .5 lf.

MS 486 Bender Family Papers
Papers, 1865-1898
Elyria, Ohio
Correspondence on family matters, agriculture, and social life among members of an Elyria, Ohio area family. .25 linear ft.

MS 501
Wood County Farmers' Mutual Fire Association Ohio
Records, 1903-1960
Wood County, Ohio
Assessment books, ledgers, and membership certificates of an agricultural mutual insurance association in Wood County, Ohio. 1 linear ft.

MS 502 Grace Wagner Collection
Papers, 1925-1956
Bowling Green, Ohio
Publications and some manuscript material gathered by the Wood County, Ohio Home Demonstration Agent of the Agricultural Extension Service.

MS 516 Patrons of Husbandry, Ohio State Grange, Portage Grange #2122
Records, 1918-1969
Portage Township, Wood County, Ohio
Minutes, roll book, and a dues account book. .5 linear ft.

MS 523 Sandusky County Cooperative Extension Office: 4-H Clubs
Records, 1923-2008
Membership records, subject files, reports, printed material and photographic material; some gaps in the 1930s, 1940s and 1990s.

MS 625 Perry Progressive Council
Records, 1947-1981
Minutes, attendance reports, printed material and photographs documenting the issues and activities of the southeastern Wood County Farm Bureau Advisory Council.

MS 656 Miller Family Papers
Papers, 1828-1978
Port Clinton, Ohio
Correspondence, diaries, legal and financial papers, printed materials, scrapbook material, photographs, and maps relating to the William H. Miller Family of Port Clinton, Ohio and the related McRitchie and Mackey families; includes information about fruit culture in the Ottawa County area, and letters of family members during the Civil War, serving with the 41st and 139th O.V.I., and with the 5th Ohio Volunteer Sharpshooters.

MS 755 Brigham Family
Papers, 1859-1998
Fulton County, Ohio
Civil War era correspondence and postwar papers, clippings and photographs, primarily relating to the family of Joseph H. Brigham and his career during the Civil War and with the Grange and U.S. Department of Agriculture. Genealogical materials also included.

MS 758 Mamie & Bessie Nagel Collection
Papers, 1934-1970
Defiance County, Ohio
Diaries, scrapbooks, and legal papers of a pair of sisters who farmed in Defiance County.

MS 988 Seitz Family Papers
Papers, 1832-1926
Wood County, Ohio
Financial ledgers, work accounts, and other records of two Wood County farms, including general farming and fruit growing.

MS 1056 Orlie Weaver
Papers, 1974-2000
Grand Rapids, Ohio
Photographs of the birds at the Winged Feet Game Farm, with some minor correspondence, news-clippings, and award certificates of this business dedicated to the breeding of wild and endangered waterfowl.

MS 1063 Ohio State Grange, Pomona Grange #30
Papers, 1888-1970s
Wood County, Ohio
Minutes, membership information, bylaws, and address listings for the Wood County Grange.

MS 1128 David C. Murray Family Papers
Papers, 1851-1872
Wyandot County, Ohio
Correspondence, legal and financial papers of two brothers who farmed in Wyandot County.

MS 1133 Grace Emch Smith (1879-1967) Diaries
Diaries. 1937-1960
Sugar Ridge, Middleton Township, Wood County, Ohio
Daily life of a Wood County farm wife, describing her routines, social life, and farm accounts.

MS 1183 Wood County Cooperative Extension Service (Ohio) Emergency Farm Labor
Records, 1943-1948
Consists of correspondences between local and state agents, as well as with military personnel.

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