Assessment & Appraisal

Records management staff can conduct a records assessment to identify university records (both paper and electronic) held by your office and to determine their appropriate retention period. Appraisals for materials with possible historical value can also be conducted.


Records Retention Schedules

After an assessment of university records held by your office is completed, the University Records Manager will identify and define records series unique to your office and research applicable retention periods, based on IUC regulations, current law, and best practices. A draft departmental records retention schedule will then be created for your review. After departmental review, the document is returned to the Records Management Office for additional revisions or final approval. Once approved, the original document is filed in the Records Management Office and a copy is sent back to your office for official use. Departmental retention schedules are reviewed annually by the Records Management Office and upon request. 


Disposal of University Records

The Records Management Office provides approval for university offices to shred university records or to transfer them permanently to the University Archives. An official records retention schedule must be implemented for your office before any records can be disposed. The schedule will dictate how each record type must be disposed (recycle, shred, transfer to archives, etc.).

If you are shredding/deleting records that require a Certificate of Records Disposal in accordance with your office’s records retention schedule, send one copy of the certificate to Mike Intranuovo. Delivery of secure shred bins must be scheduled through the University Records Manager.

If you need to transfer historic items to the University Archives or need records to be appraised for historic value, email the Records Manager for specific instructions. Records sent to University Archives without contacting the University Archivist or Records Manager first will be returned to the originating office.


Storage of University Records

Inactive records that are rarely accessed by the office can be stored in the University Records Center. No permanent or archival record series will be stored in the center.  


Faculty and Staff Training


Electronic Records Management Tutorial


Consultation Services

The Records Management Program provides a wide range of consultation services for university offices. Assistance and guidance on topics such as email management, filing systems, scanning, microfilming, format conversion, and other related topics is available. The University Records Manager can also help with management, retention, and disposition of an office’s electronic records on user’s computers, shared drives, and university supported software systems.