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Required Art Supplies: Lists for Art Courses, BGSU Firelands
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Dear High School Office Administration,

Thank you for supporting your student’s interest in enrolling in a studio Art class at BGSU Firelands. College Credit Plus students enjoy these courses as they are given the opportunity to explore their creative abilities and Art courses provide a rewarding and encouraging alternative to the typical lecture classes in the college environment.

Students are required to purchase and possess supplies for studio Art classes at BGSU Firelands including:
ART 1010, Introduction to Art
ART 1020, Design Studio
ART 1030, Drawing Studio
ART 1120, Media Studio

For studio Art courses at BGSU Firelands:

  • No textbook is required for any studio Art class.
  • No lab fee is required for any studio Art class.
  • The total cost of supplies for an Art course is often less than the cost of a textbook.

For ART 1010, ART 1020 and ART 1030:
Students are directed to make Art supply purchases on-line through Blick Art Supply.
This is an excellent on-line source. This company is very reliable, quick and easy.

The complete supply lists with the Blick catalog numbers are available below.

Back-Ordered Supplies: Most all the Blick supplies may also be obtained on Amazon. Back-ordered Blick supplies may be easily ordered there. Some items may be purchased from discount stores like Wal Mart, Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Blick Quote: To obtain an exact price quote from Blick, contact Blick directly at The process is quick and easy. Send a copy of the supply list. You or your student may elect to order directly from this quote.  


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