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FMS training is provided for individuals based on the financial work responsibilities they have. FMS is designed to use automated workflow and electronic approvals to route the electronic document associated with a department's purchase to the individuals assigned to approve the purchase.  In order to complete transactions in FMS, each appropriation budget will have individuals assigned to the following roles in the approval process:

  • Requester
    This individual enters all requisitions for purchases.  This individual may enter Department-related budget transfers and expense transfers.  Such transfers must be reviewed by a Budget Administrator or Principal Investigator (PI).
  • Principal Investigator (PI)
    The Principal Investigator on a grant approves all grant-related purchases and all grant-related expense transfers.  The PI approves all requests and requisitions.  The budget security and workflow security which was built in to the system for the role of Grants PI enables faculty to do four things:
    1. view their Award Profile and associated Project under Grants > Awards
    2. view their grants at a detail level through “Budgets Overview” in Commitment Control
    3. receive and download timely and visually “user friendly” monthly grant summary reports based on an Excel spreadsheet via Reports Manager; and
    4. approve requisitions through their “worklist.”
  • Project Manager
  • Approver
  • Budget Administrator
    In academic units, this is most often the Chair; in administrative units, this is someone appointed by the Senior Budget Administrator. The individual in this role approves purchase requisitions (entered by the requester) up to $9,999 and is the individual who manages the financial activities for the appropriation budget or budgets. This individual may also enter Department-related budget transfers and expense transfers. This individual will have on-line access to audit the department's expenditures, track budget balances, and monitor the department's purchasing process.
  • Senior Administrator
    Dean, Director, Assistant Vice President/Provost, Associate Vice President/Provost. This individual can approve purchase requisitions up to $49,999.
  • Vice President
    Departmental Vice President/Provost.  This individual can approve purchase requisitions up to $99,999
  • Chief Financial Officer
    The CFO can approve any requisition with amount equal to or above $100,000