Professor of Teaching Excellence

Guidelines for Professor of Teaching Excellence

The title of Professor of Teaching Excellence shall be conferred upon members of the faculty already holding the rank of Professor, whose extraordinary achievements as effective teachers in their discipline or in interdisciplinary fields deserve special recognition. The title will be awarded for a period of three years with an annual award of $5,000 ($3,000 salary stipend and $2,000 for professional development). At the end of the three year period, the faculty member will receive a $1,000 increase to base salary compensation.

Faculty members who currently hold a recognition from BGSU/College/Department that provides them with additional funding and was awarded based upon excellence of teaching, research and/or service, shall not be eligible for this professorship.

Nomination Procedures: 

  • Nominations for Professor of Teaching Excellence may originate with any faculty member or department/school and shall be made to the Provost. 
  • Self-nominations are acceptable. 
  • Nominations shall carry the endorsement of the faculty member’s department chair/school director and dean.  
  • For nominations for the Professor of Teaching Excellence, the responsibility for gathering relevant evidence in support of the nominee’s superior performance is vested primarily in the nominating body (any faculty member or department/school), i.e., the person or persons who should be most well-acquainted with the professor as a teacher of distinction.  

Components of a complete packet include:

  • Nomination cover letter (maximum three pages)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Endorsement of faculty member’s department chair/school director
  • Endorsement of faculty member’s dean
  • Materials that provide evidence of a sustained record of teaching excellence (maximum ten pages)

Criteria of teaching excellence: 

Faculty within the various units on campus have an understanding of the criteria of excellence appropriate to teaching within their disciplines or interdisciplinary fields. Accordingly, the letters of nomination should articulate an understanding of the distinctive excellence of the nominee. In addition, the nomination should include materials which provide evidence that the nominee has a sustained record as an excellent teacher. This evidence could include such things as: 

  • Student evaluations
  • Peer evaluations
  • Production of papers and articles addressing pedagogical issues, and a reputation as an effective teacher beyond the local student population, etc.

The criteria of excellence in teaching varies considerably with the distinctive missions of colleges, schools, departments, and programs. Therefore, the committee members will rely on broad criteria of teaching excellence. Among such criteria are:

  • Current knowledge of subject matter 
  • Organization of course design and material
  • Innovation with respect to presentation/deliver and engagement of the student
  • Clarity of presentation
  • Effectiveness of communication of the value of the subject matter
  • Nominees’ capacity to instill and sustain interest, enthusiasm, and dedication in students
  • Ability to establish rapport with students
  • Pedagogical flexibility and creativity,
  • Skill in evaluation
  • The extent to which nominees encourage critical thinking and establish an atmosphere conducive to learning

Committee assessment:

  • The Provost shall appoint a committee to receive and review nominations for Professor of Teaching Excellence. 
  • The single standard of evaluation shall be agreement within the committee that the nominee, beyond reasonable debate, is and has been for an extended period of time an extraordinarily effective teacher.  
  • The committee shall make a recommendation to the Provost on each nomination.

Professorship Recommendations:

  • The Provost consults with the Council of Deans and forwards a recommendation to the President for action. 
  • No more than two professorships should be awarded in any given year, but none has to be made each year.
  • Professors of Teaching Excellence are given special recognition and accorded other honors and privileges that the President deems appropriate during their term. 

Deadline for receipt of nomination and supporting materials: October 2, 2023.

Materials should be sent in an electronic format to Kim Caris, Assistant to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs,

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