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Ana Kryzhanivska

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Danielle Bash
Emma Guthrie
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Michael Borowski
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Meet with a Writing Consultant

Non-native speakers of English and ESOL students are encouraged visit The Learning Commons. A group of our consultants have completed additional training with the Learning Commons ESOL specialist to work with ESOL writers.  

Students enrolled in ESOL classes should make an appointment with these consultants, but every writing consultant at The Learning Commons can help writers and answer their questions. Consultants can also help writers understand assignment guidelines. Writing appointments are 50 minutes long, and students can make two appointments a week.

Please see our additional writing resources.

Anastasiia Kryzhanivska

I am an ESOL instructor at BGSU as well as a writing consultant and an ESOL Specialist at the Learning Commons. I enjoy working with ESOL and domestic graduate and undergraduate students. I love learning from you about all the amazing projects you are working on! Given my own experience as an international student, multilingual writer and speaker, I am determined to support other multilingual students on their journey that starts at BGSU. I can work with you at any point in your writing process, and I also tutor in the Pronunciation and Presentation Lab at the Learning Commons.

Emma Guthrie

I am a Rhetoric and Writing Ph.D. student. As a graduate student, I study digital rhetorics – specifically looking at how social media apps can be used as research tools. My other research interests include writing center work, FYC, and TESOL. I enjoy working with writers on brainstorming and organization, both in text-based and multimodal work. I am familiar with the University Writing Program's curriculum and love to work with ESOL students, graduate student writers, and students in the UWP.

Michael Borowski

I am an Adolescence to Young Adult Social Studies Education major who enjoys writing and learning about the English language.  I think the way we communicate shapes the way we engage as citizens of the world.  I enjoy backpacking and camping, as well as travelling.


I am currently a member of the Master of Fine Arts department. I worked at a writing center for a year and a half before joining the staff here at the Learning Commons. My areas of scholarly interest include rhetoric & composition, ESOL tutoring, and writing center pedagogy. I enjoy discussing cultural differences in writing convention, helping students navigate assignment sheets, and answering questions about grammar and style. I also like helping students with documents such as: theses; applications; letters of intent; etc


My name is Danielle. I am an undergraduate business major here at BGSU and I work as a writing consultant in The Learning Commons. I also participate in our ESOL group, and I enjoy learning about ways to better help ESOL and domestic students. I love to see what other students are working on throughout the semester! I think everyone has a story to tell and I am enthusiastic to hear these stories, so I would love to work with you


Hi, I'm Judah! I'm a fourth year Art and Creative Writing student who specializes both in grammatical form and creative content. I've been working at the Learning Commons for three years now, and have a lot of experience with helping all kinds of students with writing from GSW essays to Doctorate Theses! Writing is one of my passions, and helping other people perfect their crafts is something I absolutely love. Just don't mind if I talk a lot, I just get a little excited sometimes!