Collective Dialogues Event

The Collective Dialogues Event (formerly Great Ideas), originally stemming from HNRS 2020: Critical Thinking About Great Ideas curriculum, is a co-curricular opportunity for students to develop critical thinking skills, sharpen communication skills, and forge connections across curricular and co-curricular experiences.

Faculty members propose and facilitate topics for discussion. Students are assigned to topics based on their major for a rich discussion with their peers and Honors staff and faculty.

This event takes place annually. If you have questions, please contact

Past discussion topics included:

  • War and Politics in Star Wars: How fiction can carry powerful messages about corruption, misinformation, and standing up for others
  • Drunkorexia and it's impacts on college student's well-being 
  • The Life You Can Save: Do We Have a Duty to Help the World's Poor?
  • The Last of the Ancient Sunlight: A Long View of our Dependence on Carbon-based Energy
  • The Importance of Representation Everywhere: LGBTQ+ Characters in Fantasy and Sci-Fi Media
  • Is the Criminal Justice System Broken or Doing What it Was Designed to Do?
  • Finally the Main Character: Modern Portrayals of Autism and Their Impact on Pop Culture 
  • Lions and Lambs: Examining Representation in “The Twilight Saga” 
  • The Lesbian Manifesto: The Google Doc That Took Tiktok by Storm and its Analysis of Compulsory Heterosexuality in Modern Day
  • Nom de Plume: Cultural Appropriation and Identity Theft in Classical Music Publishing  

Updated: 05/09/2023 10:03AM