Student Employment

Want to be a Tutor?

We are always looking for terrific tutors in all subjects. If you earned a "B" or better in any class and receive a recommendation from that instructor to tutor, we need you. You can come into the Teaching & Learning Center, and request an application.

Tutors shall . . .

  • Have respect for and interest in diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Recognize individual learning styles.
  • Believe in the abilities and potentials of all students.
  • View learning as an active process.
  • Stress the development of study strategies.
  • Ask appropriate questions.
  • Provide corrective feedback.
  • Establish rapport that supports learning.
  • Research sources of information.
  • Recognize feelings.
  • Adapt methods to individual learning styles.
  • Be aware of professional services available to students.
  • Keep records of appointments.
  • Uphold policies of confidentiality and academic honesty.

(note: this list is not all encompassing of the tutoring role)

Have Questions?

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