Criminal Justice
  • Bachelors Available
  • Available at Firelands Campus
  • Bachelors Available
  • Available at Firelands Campus

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice degree program at BGSU Firelands produces graduates who can critically assess issues and use that ability to impact the criminal justice system. Students are prepared for a wide range of post-graduation endeavors. Many students successfully pursue graduate degrees in criminal justice and law, as well as public administration, sociology and counseling. Students also distinguish themselves by taking jobs with federal, state and local agencies involved in criminal justice.

A study by the Police Executive Research Forum provided a good description of the University's criminal justice program. It noted police agencies do not want higher education to provide technical training. Instead, agencies need students who can look at issues critically, make informed judgments and decisions, have an understanding about human nature and social arrangements, recognize cultural diversity, understand basic research, and communicate effectively. 

  • Setting: Full-time, part-time, in-person 
  • Prerequisite required: 2.5 cumulative GPA and a C or better in CRJU 2100 
  • Adjectives for a successful student: Dedicated, self-motivated, open-minded

Students can expect to:

  • Learn ethical practices in the pursuit of justice. 
  • Gain an awareness and understanding of the criminal justice system and its role in a democratic society, from structural components of various institutions to problems confronted in the law enforcement and corrections agencies. 
  • Understand the organizational structure and policy procedures of police agencies in contemporary society, as well as an appreciation for the issues and dilemmas the institution confronts. 
  • Acquire an understanding of the law—criminal, civil and personal liability/injury, due process, equal protection under the law and the role investigations play in the process, focusing on investigation techniques and the evaluation and preservation of data. 
  • Obtain knowledge of the nature, causes, treatment, and prevention of crime and evidence from the physiological, psychological, and sociological perspectives.

Tracy McGinley 

Teaching professor and program advisor, criminal justice 

Message from the director: Criminal justice is a unique field to work in and offers the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people on a regular basis. Criminal justice professionals participate in a variety of professions that offer different interactions daily. The criminal justice degree offers opportunities for a variety of employment opportunities. Students from BGSU Firelands go on to work in local law enforcement, F.B.I. corrections, probation, parole, the recovery field, victims’ assistance programs and law.

Updated: 05/29/2024 08:33AM