The Associate of Science program is part of BGSU Firelands.

associates of science
  • Available at Firelands Campus
  • Available at Firelands Campus

Associate of Science

Bowling Green State University offers more than 170 bachelor's degree programs and students can begin most of them at BGSU Firelands. A bachelor’s degree can take 9-10 semesters to complete as a full-time student. Associate degrees mark the approximate halfway point in a bachelor's program. So, whether your goal is to pursue a four-year degree or simply to expand your horizons, an associate of science degree is an excellent foundation.

While providing a strong academic background, the requirements for the associate of science degree are extremely flexible, offering students the opportunity to sample several disciplines or tailor their studies according to special interests. During the freshman and sophomore years of college, students complete many courses which are required of all majors.   

  • Setting: Full-time, part-time 
  • Prerequisite required: No 
  • Adjectives for a successful student: eager, diligent, dedicated

Students can expect to: 

  • Pursue a broad range of programs 
  • Develop critical skills in communication, computation, and math 
  • Enhance the ability to employ critical thinking and problem solving



Message from the college: Students who earn the Associate of Science are equipped to make informed decisions about their next step, whether that be the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, enter the workforce, or other opportunities. The experience gained with an Associate of Science is extremely valuable and builds the foundation for future success.

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