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Associate of Science (A.S.)


Associate of Science

Are you interested in beginning your journey toward a college degree? Bowling Green State University offers over 170 bachelor's degree programs. The good news is that many of these programs can be started right here at BGSU Firelands.

The Associate of Science degree serves as an ideal foundation for your academic and professional aspirations, whether you're planning to pursue a traditional four-year degree or simply looking to broaden your horizons. 

Why earn an Associate of Science at BGSU Firelands in Ohio? 

  • Explore diverse academics. The Associate of Science at BGSU Firelands opens doors to a wide array of programs. It provides students with the opportunity to discover and pursue their interests across various disciplines. This exposure allows for a comprehensive educational experience. 
  • Acquire essential skills. The program focuses on developing crucial skills that not only contribute to academic success but also prepare you for the demands of a dynamic and evolving professional landscape. 
  • Enhance critical thinking. The curriculum fosters critical thinking and problem-solving through engaging coursework and challenging scenarios. You will develop the skills to navigate complex challenges in academic and real-world contexts. 
  • Opportunity to sample multiple disciplines. This exposure not only broadens your knowledge base but also helps in making informed decisions about your academic and career paths. 
  • Gateway to BGSU. The Associate of Science at BGSU Firelands serves as a stepping stone if you are planning to pursue a bachelor's degree at Bowling Green State University. It ensures a smooth transition into upper-level coursework.

The Associate of Science marks the approximate halfway point of a traditional four-year degree and serves as a launching point for a wide array of academic disciplines.

Career – what can you do with an Associate of Science? 

An Associate of Science degree from BGSU Firelands opens the door to various academic disciplines that can lead to many career paths. Many potential careers start with an Associate of Science and branch out with further education.

Career paths

  • Healthcare professions 
  • Information technology  
  • Business and administration 
  • Education roles 
  • Laboratory technicians 


The Associate of Science degree offers the foundation for many pre-professional opportunities. Tailor your studies to special interests as you complete many of the courses required by all majors – all on the way to gaining a broad understanding of various disciplines.

Required courses

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Sample courses

  • College Algebra  
  • Academic Writing  
  • Research Writing  
  • Electives among Humanities & Arts, Social & Behavioral Sciences  

BGSU Firelands

The Associate of Science program is part of BGSU Firelands.

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