Faculty180 resources

Faculty180 is the faculty activity reporting system that will be used for RPT, merit, accreditation, etc. Faculty members are able to document their achievements in research, teaching, and service. Some data will be automatically loaded into Faculty180 from PeopleSoft. Other data can be entered manually or imported from online sources such as Google Scholar. Faculty180 will increase the accuracy and consistency of faculty data and reduce the amount of time and effort faculty spend each year on reporting their accomplishments.

Brief History:

Faculty180 will be replacing Digital Measures, University of Cincinnati’s eRPT system, and the paper based merit dossiers.  The purchase of Faculty180 was endorsed by the Faculty Activity Reporting Implementation Team.  The University formally adopted Faculty180 as its faculty activity reporting system September 2016.

Benefits of Faculty180:
  • Designed by faculty for faculty
  • Simplified time saving data entry
  • Migration of prior faculty data (e.g., import publications from Web of Science and Google Scholar)
  • Integrated with BGSU CSS, FMS, & HCM Systems
  • Customizable allowing you to create multiple CVs, ad hoc college reports, multiple RTP and merit processes, reaccreditation documentation
  • Searchable for collaborators, mentors, media representatives, public speakers, external consultants, etc.
  • Supports accreditation reporting requirements
  • Streamlines the RTP & Merit processes
  • Creates a common data base for the review processes in compliance with the collective bargaining agreement #2

Faculty180 will also provide faculty with a comprehensive and easily accessible record of their activities over their careers, automatically update cv's, and easily create and manage multiple resumes and/or biographical statements for different audiences.

Updated: 08/02/2023 03:53PM