Annual Student and Community Recognition

Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion is excited to announce nominations for the 55th Annual Student and Community Recognition are OPEN and will CLOSE Friday, March 1, 2024 at 5 PM!

The recognition will be hosted in the Cedar Point Center on Thursday, April 11, 2024, from 5-7 PM.

Reserve a spot at the 55th Annual Student and Community Recognition

Nominate for the Student Distinguished Service Award
Recognizes students (up to 5) who have provided exceptional service to some area of the college. The service can be accomplished in the context of a student club or organization, in support of campus events and programs, or in other projects that enhance the BGSU Firelands community. Work that a student is paid for through a campus job does not qualify as service, so student employment does not meet the criteria for this award.

Nominate for the Academic Excellence Award
Recognizes students (up to 5) who maintain a high level of academic achievement (with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher), and who also participate in campus clubs or organizations, campus programming or otherwise display leadership on campus.

Nominate for the Academic Program Excellence Award
Recognizes students (1 student per program) in a BGSU Firelands or Firelands based major whom exemplifies excellence in their program through a combination of academic achievement, persistence, and participation in activities for the advancement of the program on campus or in the community. The participation may be in field work attached to course requirements or volunteer work.

Nominate for the Community Service Award

Presented to an individual or organization from the community who has participated in the growth, development and promotion of BGSU Firelands.

Nominate for the Links to Progress Award
Presented tothe person or organization of the campus community that has been a significant link in the chain of growth of BGSU Firelands. College community includes students, faculty, classified staff/personnel, and administrators. Nominations should be based on the qualities of leadership, services, dedication to growth of the college, and initiative in an extraordinary manner.

For more information regarding the Annual Student and Community Recognition, please contact the Office of Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion

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