ATI TEAS Exam Information

ATI TEAS Information for Nursing Students

The ATI TEAS exam is a 170 question multiple-choice assessment of basic academic knowledge in the following categories: Reading, Math, Science, and English Language Usage. The objectives assessed on the TEAS test are an excellent predictor of early nursing program success.  

  • Reading This is a 53 item exam. With the following categories being looked at:
    • Key Ideas and Details
    • Craft & Structure
    • Integration of Knowledge & Ideas
  • Math This is a 36 item exam. With the following categories being looked at:
    • Number & Algebra
    • Measurement & Data
  • Science This is a 53 item exam. With the following categories being looked at:
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology
    • Life & Physical Sciences
    • Scientific Reasoning
  • English This is a 28 item exam. With the following categories being looked at:
    • Conventions of Standard English
    • Knowledge of Language
    • Vocabulary Acquisition

It is strongly encouraged that students prepare for the ATI TEAS exam.  The exam is a 170 multiple choice timed exam that will take about 209 minutes to complete.  Please plan accordingly. 

Study Materials

Students may wish to purchase the ATI TEAS Study Manual listed below to Practice for the Exam.  There may also be additional materials that you may purchase through the ATI website.  

ATI TEAS Study Manual 6th Edition
The cost of this book is $48 plus tax if purchased through the LCCC Commodore Books & More, the book can also be purchased through the ATI website or

What to Expect 

  • You MUST setup your TEAS Account prior to the test date in order ot take the exam.  To create your account visit and Click "Create An Account" (follow the on screen prompts)
  • Register only once, you will use this account throughout your health science career.
  • Bring your ATI username and password on test day.
  • ATI TEAS exam must be completed on the same day of testing. Bathroom breaks are allowed
  • Calculators are built into the exam.
  • Your official exam results will be available through your ATI account upon completion of the exam.  These results should be printed and emailed to Eddie Henson( and a copy will be placed in your file.
  • The Testing and Assessment Center staff is not able to provide testing results or interpretation. 

Testing Dates at BGSU Firelands:


Next Steps:

1.  You MUST create your ATI TEAS username and password prior to the test date.

To create your ATI Teas account complete these steps before test date:

•  Login to the TEAS location using an internet browser
•  Type in address bar:
•  Click on“Create an Account”
•  Follow the steps for creating an account

2.  Register for the exam.

The cost of the exam is $70.00. Payment is required at time of registration. Registration MUST occur no later than 2 business days prior to the test date.  You will need to present your receipt to the Proctor prior to taking the exam.



3.  Bring the following with you on your test date: 

  • Proper photo identification:  University ID, Driver's license, or Passport
  • ATI Username and Password:  The Proctor and technical staff does not have access to your username and password information.
  • Registration Receipt

4.  Check in at the main computer lab, Room 231 North Building

5.  The Proctor will then instruct you on beginning the exam.

After exam completion, students will be able to retrieve their exam results via their ATI account.  Students, who require remediation, will receive personalized electronic remediation once an exam is completed.  Students can retest (additional $70.00 charge) to improve their score.  A score below Proficient on the retest will disqualify the student from applying to the Associate Degree Nursing program.  Scores will be valid for a three-year period; therefore, a three-year wait is required prior to a third attempt of the test.

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