District Placement Testing Request

The following form should be used by local school districts participating in on-site testing at your local school for the College Credit Plus Program or Dual Enrollment Program at BGSU or BGSU Firelands.  This will allow you to request placement testing dates on-site at your school for a given academic year.  This form MUST be completed annually to secure testing at your local school.  BGSU Firelands will continue to host on-campus testing for all students or schools who wish to come to campus to complete their placement testing requirements.  On-Campus testing dates for the BGSU or BGSU Firelands service areas should be scheduled directly with the respective office.   

BGSU Main Campus Office of Pre-College Programs 419-372-0889

BGSU Firelands Office of College Access 419-372-0605

College Credit Plus Local School District Placement Testing Request

Please provide the name of the person who will serve as the Site Administrator.  The Site Administrator will serve as the primary point of contact and be responsible for working directly with BGSU and BGSU Firelands to schedule placement testing at the local schools. In most cases the Site Administrator is the Guidance Counselor, Principal, or School Administrator responsible for College Credit Plus.

We would like to schedule only one to two sites per day in order to accommodate everyone's needs and to provide the best support to our local schools.  Please provide us with two possible dates to test at your site.  The local site will need to have a test proctor available for the requested dates.  In addition, if you would like to offer a retest or a make-up test day on your site for students who may have missed the first testing day or students who would like to retest, please provide us with that date as well.  It is advised that the retest date be at least 3-4 weeks later than your original testing date to allow for remediation.

Once test dates have been finalized by BGSU/BGSU Firelands for ALL schools, you will be contacted to schedule the testing times required to deliver the tests that are being offered at your local school.  Please refer to the placement test site for test information, student study guides, and study apps.

Updated: 12/05/2022 04:52PM