The National Center for Family & Marriage Research has developed an extensive set of data resources to facilitate research on families and wellbeing.


  • Original Data
    Original data collections sponsored and coordinated by the NCFMR for public use.
  • Family Profiles
    Original reports summarizing the latest statistics on U.S. families.
  • Family Profiles Series
    Brings together Family Profiles that focus on the latest NCFMR analyses of American families.
  • The Data Source
    Descriptions of newly released data sets of interest to family researchers.
  • Measures Snapshots
    Detailed summaries of family measures (by substantive topic) available in large national data sets.
  • Question Crosswalks
    Side-by-side comparisons of key family measures (e.g., marriage and remarriage, cohabitation, divorce and separation) available in a dozen large national data sets.
  • Data Points
    Tables and figures integrating family statistics from leading published studies.


  • Working Paper Series
    Working papers written by NCFMR faculty affiliates, researchers, and advanced graduate students.
  • Research Briefs
    Research briefs written by NCFMR faculty affiliates, researchers, and advanced graduate students.
  • Workshop Materials
    Data and methods workshop materials, including PowerPoint presentations, webcasts, and website links, captured from NCFMR workshops.
  • Conference Presentations and Posters
    Presentations and posters created and given by NCFMR staff, faculty, affiliates and students for symposia, workshops, conferences, and annual meetings. 


  • The Bookshelf
    Lists of recently published books addressing the links between family and well-being across the life course.
  • Links
    Websites featuring topics related to family and marriage.