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Characteristics of an Effective Poster
Creating a Poster Using PowerPoint 2013
Designing a Research Poster for the Humanitites.Social Sciences
Developing Poster Presentations in Social Sciences
How to Create a Research Poster
How to Create Research Poster-power point
Poster Template
Social Sciences Poster Guidelines (UCLA)
Strong Poster Presentation Examples
Tips for Designing an Effective Poster
Tips for Making Scientific Posters



Biological Sciences

Design (Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, etc.)

Fine Arts (Films, Music, Paintings, Sculptures, Video, etc.)

Humanities:  Creative

Humanities:  Critical Research

Physical and Engineering Sciences

Social Sciences


Some useful resources and Advice on Designing Scientific Posters (Link/ Article includes a PDF that contains a summary for the article)

Designing a Humanities/Social Sciences Research Poster 

Guide to Designing & Printing A Research Poster  

Poster Samples from the University of Texas

UCLA Poster Templates for Humanities and Social Sciences:

MSU Poster tips: links to other useful info within the article:

University of Washington- in relation to education posters:

Humanities and social science tips:

Social Sciences:


General post guidelines:

PPT on creating a poster in PowerPoint