CURS Ambassadors Profiles

Michaela Naal


Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders, Music minor

CURS Project: Effects of Dual-task Performance and Syllabic Length on Speech Tempo Regularity in speakers with Parkinson disease

What did you get/learn from the CURS experience: I got to experience every aspect of creating a research project, from the beginning idea to running participants to analyzing the results of the data. My CURS project gave me an insider glimpse into the other side of speech pathology work, and also gave me face-to-face interaction with people with communication disorders. I really valued working closely with graduate researchers and all the information and tips they shared with me during the project.

After college plans: I am currently applying to six graduate schools. After completing those two years, I will be happily employed as a speech pathologist in…well, any location!

Renee Dollard



Major: Biology specializing in Ecology and Conservation


CURS Project: The culturable Microbiome of Soybean plants Williams and Williams 82


What did you get/learn from the CURS experience: I formed connections with faculty. I better understand the process of applying to a program to receive a grant. I learned a lot of skills related to lab work that I would be unable to learn in the classroom.


After college plans: I'm looking forward to taking a break from school and gaining field experience with different management, natural resource, and parks agencies. Eventually, I'll be pursuing a graduate degree related to my field of research.

Kayle Keto



Major: Neuroscience
CURS Project: Navigation in Whip Spider
What did you get/learn from the CURS experience: I gained practical knowledge in researching and data collection/analysis, however I also learned a lot about presentation skills, networking and time managem
After college plans: Commission in the Army and attend Medical School


Leigh Dunewood



Major: Ethnic Studies; Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
CURS Project: Examining the Social Experiences and Academic Persistence of High-Achieving Students of Color at a Predominantly White Institution (PWI)
What did you get/learn from the CURS experience: CURS has equipped me with practical, hands-on experience and invaluable knowledge to most effectively navigate the research process from start to finish. As an emerging qualitative researcher, I am grateful to have learned how to successfully articulate my research questions and formulate a budget, as I am sure that is a skill I will continue to develop in my work as a graduate student and as a future scholar-practitioner.
After-college plans: I am thrilled about starting my Master’s program in Student Affairs/Higher Education in Fall 2018! I am also looking forward to my research one day contributing to the larger body of literature on students of color in higher education, and informing the ways student affairs practitioners support historically underserved student populations.


Robert Goldsmith



Major: Neuroscience
Project: Incentive Contrast for Sucrose Reward in Sprague-Dawley and Ethanol-Preferring Rats
What did you get/learn from your CURS experience: My CURS project was working alongside Justin McGraw on his behavioral neuroscience dissertation project. Having been a part of it essentially from start to finish, I got quite the comprehensive experience of what it's like to conduct Behavioral Neuroscience research at the graduate level. During my CURS project in the summer, I had the opportunity to be a part of some pretty intense laboratory work running animals day in and day out. From building the apparatus and experimental trials to animal care and statistical analysis, I did it all. It really gave me a solid experiential perspective on the life of a researcher, and contributed in the solidification that science is what I love doing.
After college plans: I plan on moving to Columbus while I take a year off an apply to Neuroscience Doctoral programs. I hope to conduct research at OSU during that year, and aspire to get accepted into a graduate program to continue studying the field. I've been blessed with many opportunities to pursue my passions in life, and I plan on taking advantage of that to the fullest extent I can. There's always more to learn!


Angela Perry-Hudson


Major: Business Administration: Specializing in Supply Chain Management and Applied Economics

After college plans: Post graduation, I would like to work in a Supply Chain Management rotational program where I can experience all aspects of supply chain. I would also like to further my education within the field of Economics and peruse an MBA in Applied Economics


Brandy Lochotzki

Major: Architecture

After college pans: I plan on becoming an Officer in the United States Air Force.

Jayden Helter  


Major Criminal Justice

CURS Project: I will focus on studying the AFROTC.

What did you get/learn from the CURS experience? CURS gave me an opportunity to use my leadership skills.

After college plans: I will become an Officer in the United States Air Force.