Council on Undergraduate Research Call for Abstracts


Call for Abstracts
Submission Period: September 6-November 1, 2017

Questions about your Posters on the Hill application?  Please email:

As the undergraduate research community works to ensure that those in the U.S. Congress have a clear understanding of the research and education programs they fund, nothing more effectively demonstrates the value of undergraduate research than a student participant's words, work, and stories. Undergraduate research must be among the programs that members of Congress understand if it is to continue to be supported, and to grow.

In the Spring of 2018 the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) will host its 22nd annual undergraduate poster session on Capitol Hill.  There will be an evening poster session and reception where students will have the opportunity to speak directly to members of Congress and demonstrate how they have been impacted by these programs.

"It was a great honor to be selected to this elite group of undergraduate student researchers to directly attest the             importance of research initiatives to the success of our Colleges, Communities, and Country to members of Congress and staff from government agencies. My experience on Capitol Hill gave me invaluable insight into the intersection of academic research, advocacy, and policy making within our government. Research is an evidence-based discipline and Posters on the Hill brings live and breathing testaments of undergraduate student success as a result of Federal funding of various research initiatives in the sciences and humanities right to the heart of government!"

Emmanuel Fordjour, University of Texas at Arlington, Posters on the Hill 2014 Participant

"The Posters on the Hill event was the highlight of my undergraduate career. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend and present at four national conferences, however Posters on the Hill topped them all. From the student's perspective, it was very exciting but also intimidating to have the opportunity to present my research to members of Congress and the Senate. During the presentation, I had many different people from national organizations to government agencies show interest in my work. During the presentation I realized that everyone in the room was as passionate as I am about undergraduate research. The support from each person in the audience made me feel as though the all of my effort, from the research process to the application process was absolutely worthwhile."

Joe Moloney, President, Student Organization for Undergraduate Research, and President, Class of 2011, Bridgewater State University.

CUR will invite representatives from federal funding agencies and nearby foundations, members of Congress, and Congressional staff to attend the poster session.  We ask you to provide the name of the agency or organization sponsoring your research, and the name of the program officer to facilitate our making these invitations.

Submission Process: Applications due Wednesday, November 1, 2017, including letter of recommendation

Students: The Council on Undergraduate Research invites you to submit an abstract for the 22nd Annual Posters on the Hill. Your research should represent one of CUR’s Divisions (Arts and Humanities, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geosciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics/Computer Science, Physics/Astronomy, Psychology, and Social Sciences). Abstract submissions should describe your research, scholarship, or creative activity and discuss its significance to society (i.e. what larger issues or problems were you trying address or understand?; how does your work relate to current policy issues?).

For more information regarding submission process and review process please click on the link below.

Posters on the Hill Abstract  

    Giving a presentation is not as hard as you think, and if you still feel a bit intimidated speaking in front of an audience, you     can give a poster presentation. I can give you some pointers how to go about it, we also have resources on the CURS                 website with information about good poster and oral presentations. If you choose to do a poster, we can even have it             printed for you.

    Giving a presentation about your overseas experience would usually be in part about what it was like being there (I am sure     you have lots of awesome photos and stories to tell), and what you did while you were there. This is a great opportunity to     practice your presentation skills in a friendly environment and this also looks great on the your resume when you apply for     graduate school or your dream job. Plus we have a beautiful glass award for the best presentations!

    All that is required right now is a title and a 250 word abstract. Presentation registrations are due by Monday the 18th of         September and can be submitted online at

    I have never had a student regret deciding to give a presentation, and everyone always said afterwards that it was not at all     hard to do.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

    -Dr. Cordula Mora

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