Mayeux Award for Outstanding Honors Project

Patricia Gangwer Mayeux, a long-time employee at the University, has created an endowment, the income from which is used to fund prizes to be given annually to that year's best Honors Projects. Prize(s) will be awarded at the Senior Reception on April 28, 2023. Download the application hereThe online application is due 5pm Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

To be eligible for a prize an Honors student must:

  1. Present their project at the Undergraduate Research Symposium or National/State Research Conference
  2. Have submitted an Honors Project to the Honors office.
  3. Have earned an “A” on their project

2022 Recipients:

  • Nolan McHugh: For Our Future: Why Suffrage Must be Extended to Disenfranchised Youth 
  • Lily Rosenberg: Serving Our Students: Evidence-Based Sex Education Policies and Practices Needed in Ohio 
  • Emily Carroll: Stress and Burnout Among Undergraduate Music Education Majors: An Examination of Trends, Influences, and Coping Mechanisms 
  • Al Benbow: [un]seen 
  • Chloe Koon: BCI Validation: YFiler Plus Kit Validation 

2021 Recipients

  • Abbey Prendergast: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Nutritional Patterns of School-Aged U.S. Children 
  • Sarah Painter: An Assessment of Communication Between Speech-Language Pathologists and Intervention Specialists in Schools
  • Riley Post: Ñe juon enaaj jeḷā kōkḷaḷ eban peḷọk: Teaching Marshallese Immigrants
  • Kasandra Fager: History, Nationalism, and Public Opinion: The Memorialization of George Mason

2020 Recipients:

  • Lydia Bias: Fictional Narrative Skills of Preschool -Age Bilingual Children with Typical Language Development
  • Kenzie Moss: Preserving Ancient Cultures through Medicinal Narratives
  • Katherine Proctor: Categorization of Vocal Fry in Running Speech
  • Madi Stump: Using Environmental Literature as a Force for Socio-Environmental Change: A Portfolio
  • Viet (Mason) Trinh: A Quantitative Approach and a Qualitative Approach Towards Intersectionality among Individuals with LGBTQ+ Identities

2019 Recipients:

  • Noah Froelich: Oxidizing Fentanyl Using Household Cleaners
  • Katie Dushek: Developing a Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Through the Use of Diverse Literature and Perspective Taking: A Resource Guide
  • Lucas Hartman: An Adaptive Reuse Study: The Jerome Academic Commons
  • Melody Freeland: Closing the Gap: Experimenting with Manipulatives to Improve Mathematics Achievement of Spanish Speaking Students

2018 recipients were:

  • Leigh A. Dunewood: Examining the Social Experiences and Academic Persistence of High-Achieving Students of Color at a Predominantly White Institution (PWI)
  • Keefe Watson: Technology and the Marginalization of Older Adults: How Politeness Theory and Stereotype Embodiment Interact in Older Adults' Technology Use
  • Mia Eberts: Exploring Lexical Diversity in a Set of Multiples
  • Alyssa Hulthen: Examining Variability in Productive Syntax within a Set of Triplets

2017 recipients were:

  • Michelle Sire: Repeat After Me: Dance Program Evaluation for the Friendship Circle
  • Vanessa Burke: The Good and Bad of Workplace Gossip
  • Alexis Decker: Assessing Spanish-Speaking Children: A Comparison of International Practices

2016's recipients were:

  • Drew Ashby-King — #BG4Unity: Testing the effectiveness of a social media activism workshop
  • Alisha Sanders - Roman Archaism in Depictions of Apollo in the Augustan Period

2015's recipients were:

  • Angela Barbour Luck of the Draw
  • Benjamin Dobler — Explaining Consciousness
  • Stephanie Padula  — Characterization of a Novel Clade of Transporters in Phytophthora
  • Morgan Tucker  — Enlightenment in Education: Buddhist Influences of Kindness in Thai Education

2014's recipients were:

  • Merissa Acerbi The Effect of Visual Wulst Lesions and Trigeminal Nerve Sectioning on the Discrimination of Magnetic Inclination in the Homing Pigeon (Columba livia)
  • Ashley ChapmanWarning! You Are About to Enter "The Friend Zone"
  • Hannah Duffy — Determining a Developmental Window for the Effect of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) on Ultrasonic Vocalizations (USVs) in Sprague-Dawley Rat Pups
  • Katie O'LearyBrighter Connections Theatre: A Study of the Behavioral and Social Effects on Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Through the Use of Drama Therapy

2013's recipients were:

  • China BillotteCareer Services Usage: An Analysis of Efficacy and Contextual Barriers'
  • Aaron Crouse — Factors Affecting Student Decisions to Attend Selected BGSU Athletic Events
  • Katrin McBroomConfident Girls Pack a Punch!
  • Elizabeth Truman — Fairmount, Indiana: The Hometown of James Dean

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