J. Robert Bashore Scholarship

The Bashore Scholarships were started in 1983 and are given in honor of a former University professor and Director of the Honors College, J. Robert Bashore.

The Bashore Scholarships seek to reward students with outstanding academic records who have demonstrated curiosity about ideas beyond the narrow limits of one discipline. In accordance with the goals of the Honors College, the scholarships recognize students who actively pursue a liberal education by enrolling in a variety of courses and participating in a variety of extracurricular activities.

Any student who is a member of the Honors College, has a minimum GPA of 3.5 and has completed at least 24 credits of BGSU coursework is eligible to apply for a scholarship. There is also a 500-word required essay. Last year's scholarship winners cannot win this year. Applications are reviewed by a selection committee.

A minimum of four scholarships are awarded, one for at least $2,000. The amounts awarded to other scholarship winners and the total number of awards are at the discretion of the selection committee. Scholarship funds come from donations. The total amount awarded in past years has been $10,000.

The scholarship application will be available on AcademicWorks in fall and is due on October 30th.

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Past Bashore Winners

Chien Phuoc

Lauren Goberman

Maria Davis

Katie Roy

Isabella Pinto

Madison Jefferies

Jessica Stewart

Bryant Miller

Madi Rex

Theo Eborall

Jay Prenger

Liz Mathiesen

Rachel Durbin

Katie Coppel

Gavin Friedrichsen

Sarah Painters

Erin Dawson

Abby Maggi

Jenna Dunn

Leila Oswalt

Rebecca Stetler

Chloe Koon

Hannah Cubberley

Elaina Eskins

Paul Garbarino

Melanie Moore

Phil Rich

Madison Stump

Savannah Campbell

Declan Wicks

Baxter Chambers

Ashlynn Wardle

Erin Kielmeyer

Alyson Krajewski

Collin Newton

Drew Ashby-King

Alexandra Hohlbein

Emily Little

Alexis Decker

David Westmeyer

Scott Brummel

Joseph Seipel

Emma Spence

Nadya Mirochnitchenko

Brittany Haynes

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