New Equipment Purchases

The Office of Technology Support Services assists BGSU Firelands departments and areas in acquiring desktop computer equipment. The process below exists for specifying, ordering, and installing this equipment.

The first step in getting new equipment is to clarify an existing need. The Office of Technology Support Services staff will assist you in reviewing your desktop equipment needs so that the proper type of equipment can be acquired. If you would like this assistance, please contact the OTSS office at 20743, and request equipment ordering assistance. We will review the core function of the machine, software applications which the system is expected to regularly run, etc. as well as the specifics of the computer hardware including the following:

  • Monitor / Display size and capability
  • Processor Speed
  • Optical and Removable Storage
  • System Memory
  • Hard Drive Capacity
  • Additional Accessory Information
    (printers, scanners, speakers, headphones, presentation aids, etc.)

Updated: 06/05/2023 12:08PM