Frequently Asked Questions

Our rooms fill early. Ideally you will want to join Chapman online and have your BGSU enrollment processed and housing deposit paid by March-April. We also keep a wait list for people coming to BGSU as transfers or who are admitted to BGSU later in the Spring/Summer. Contact us and we will work to get you in.

Yes, the community-based service learning classes are very well organized and we find volunteer work that fits your particular schedule and interests.  

Yes, you receive one graded credit each semester for the service learning course. Most students take 15-17 credits a semester, which puts them on track to graduate in four years.

Yes, many of our students are either in these majors. Each year we have students with 50 different majors and about 45 who have not yet chosen a major in Chapman.

Chapman allows you to meet friends in all majors, not just one or two. Also, many freshmen change majors during their first year, so being in Chapman means you will always fit into this learning community regardless of your major and/or switching majors. If you are undecided and haven’t chosen a major, Chapman is a great place to learn about different majors. Since major-specific or themed learning communities take students from all class years, you can spend your first year here, then join another community later on in college. Also, Kohl Hall is a terrific place so don’t miss your chance to live here.

The Chapman program fee is a bargain. The price of living in Kohl Hall with our program fee still is significantly less than the base price of most residence halls on campus. Many aid packages and scholarships can be applied to pay the fee.

No, Kohl is reserved just for learning communities. 

Yes, contact the Chapman Director. Your roommate will need to join Chapman (or another learning community who shares this hall) in order for the two of you to be assigned a room together.

Yes, our hours and several of our events count directly toward the BGSU Leadership Certificate Program and can be applied to other requirements as well.

About one-third of our students share your situation. We know what it is like to be a first year student and we can help you at every step of your transition from high school to college.  Our friendly and helpful faculty and staff will assist you with registration and course questions, job and scholarship applications, and will help you stay on track and on task.  Being in Chapman is like being in a small college within a big university.

We believe in safety first:  we take you to your service projects in our Chapman van, a rental van, a chartered bus or the BGSU shuttle. All of our travel/drivers are approved by the BGSU risk management office.  We also make sure that you receive training for your volunteer work and the instructor will supervise all volunteer work with help from the class’s community partner agency.