FLY Supported Courses

The Learning Commons is able to provide FLY students with 1-on-1 tutoring for the courses listed on this page.

Please Note: This list is as exhaustive as we can make it, but it is subject to revision as university course offerings change. This should be used as a guide only. If you have specific questions about the availability of tutoring, please contact a Learning Commons staff member.

If a course is not listed, FLY students are welcome to fill out the Tutoring Request Form in Navigate. If you have difficulty requesting tutoring or have questions or concerns about requesting tutoring, you should speak to their Learning Specialist. You can also watch the Appointment Request Video to help guide you through the process.

Fall 2023
ACCT2000Accounting Concepts for Nonbusiness Students
ACCT2210Accounting and Business Concepts I
ACCT2220Accounting and Business Concepts II
ACS2000Introduction to American Culture Studies
BA1600Business Analytics, Quantitative Analysis for Business Applications I
BA1700Business Analytics II; Quantitative Analysis for Business Applications II
BIOL1010Environment of Life
BIOL1040Introduction to Biology
BIOL1080Life in the Sea
BIOL2000Biology Today
BIOL2040Concepts in Biology I
BIOL2050Concepts in Biology II
CHEM1000Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM1090Elementary Chemistry
CHEM1100Elementary Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM1170Elementary Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
CHEM1180Elementary Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM1230General Chemistry I
CHEM1240General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM1270General Chemistry II
CHEM1280General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM1350General Chemistry
CHEM1370General Chemistry
CHEM1380General Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM1770Introduction to Forensic Science
COMM1020Introduction to Public Speaking
CS1000Understanding Computers
ECON2000Introduction to Economics
ECON2020Principles of Microeconomics
ECON2030Principles of Macroeconomics
ENG1500Literature and Culture
ENG2010Introduction to Literature
ENG2040Imaginative Writing
ENG2050Craft of Poetry
ENG2060Craft of Fiction
ENG2070Intermediate Writing
ENVS1010Introduction to Environmental Studies
ESOL1000Academic Composition I
ESOL1010Academic Composition II
ETHN1010Introduction to Ethnic Studies
GEOG1250Weather and Climate
GEOL1000Introduction to Geology
GEOL1040Earth Environments
HIST1250Early America
HIST1260Modern America
HIST1510World Civilizations
HIST1520The Modern World
MATH1150Introduction to Statistics
MATH1190Real World Math Skills
MATH1220College Algebra
MATH1230Mathematics for Architecture/Construct
MATH1260Basic Calculus
MATH1280Precalculus Mathematics
MATH1310Calculus and Analytic Geometry
MATH1340Calculus and Analytic Geometry IA
MATH1350Calculus and Analytic Geometry IB
MATH2130Mathematics for Early Childhood Teachers
MATH2150Number Systems for Middle School Teachers
MATH2160Geometry for Middle School Teachers
MATH2320Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
MATH2330Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
MATH2450Statistics for Middle School Teachers
PHIL1010Introduction to Philosophy
PHYS1010Basic Physics
PHYS1910Introduction to Physics
PHYS2010College Physics I
PHYS2020College Physics II
PHYS2110University Physics I
PHYS2120University Physics II
POPC1600Introduction to Popular Culture
PSYC1010General Psychology
STAT2000Using Statistics
THFM1610Introduction to Film
WRIT1010Academic Writing Workshop
WRIT1110Seminar in Academic Writing
WRIT1120Seminar in Research Writing
WS2000Introduction to Women's Studies: Perspectives on Gender, Class and Ethnicity

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