While Abroad

After much preparation, you are finally ready to depart for your program. We hope your journey will rank among the most rewarding and memorable experiences of your life. The “While Abroad” section of our site contains practical information on a variety of topics such as: managing your relationships while abroad, tips for personal health and safety, and ideas for documenting your experience. Take some time to carefully read and consider the information in this section before you leave and refer to it as often as needed while you are away. It is full of useful tips that will help you have a successful program abroad while maintaining your personal well-being.

Academic Preparation  

Discuss with your academic advisor(s) before and during the program to discuss how the courses completed will meet your degree requirements.

Exchange Programs and Affiliate Partner Programs

You will be registered by Education Abroad, International Programs and Partnerships, in an ABR placeholder course for your education abroad experience.  You will be concurrently enrolled.  This course allows you to maintain BGSU student status and receive Financial Aid if applicable. Upon return, and receipt of your transcripts (will receive automatically), this course will be removed and replaced with the pre-approved BGSU course equivalencies.  All exchange and affiliate students must complete an Education Abroad Course Approval Form, with the approved equivalencies.

All of your courses and grades will be transferred to your BGSU academic transcript, regardless of your grade or the need for credit, and will be calculated in your BGSU GPA.  You cannot opt out of receiving credit, as you are expected to participate in all courses.

Be sure to keep all course descriptions and syllabi, if needed, for referral and course approval.

Note: It can take up to three months after the conclusion of your program for transcripts to be received and processed.

Faculty Led Programs

Students studying abroad on a faculty led program will be registered in a BGSU class advertised by the program. Upon return students will be given a grade by the faculty member instructing and leading the course.

Student Account Holds

The Education Abroad Office will not be able to register you for your time abroad if you have any holds on your student account. Please clear any holds before your time abroad.

Policies and Procedures

Changes in classes while abroad

All students will be required to submit a Course Verification Form no later than 14 days after the start of your program. This form will be available through your BG study abroad application. If courses on the form differ from those that were previously approved the Education Abroad office will have them evaluated prior to the students return. If a student takes a course that was not preapproved, and does not notify our office, it will need to be evaluated by Transfer Evaluation and the Department upon return. This process will delay grades from being posted.

Return Registration

It is your responsibility to register for classes for the term after you go abroad. Please consult with your academic adviser to complete this process.

Graduation After term abroad

Due to the fact that it can take up to three months after the completion of your program to post your classes, you will not be able to graduate directly following your time abroad. The Education Abroad Office cannot guarantee your graduation term.


Education Abroad, International Programs & Partnerships will follow the university policies pertaining to payments and refunds.

The Bursars office bills students December 1 (Spring Semester), April 1 (Summer Semester), and July 1 (Fall Semester).

Please note the $50 Education Abroad Fee is non-refundable once the bill hits your account.

Please refer to the Office of the Bursars website for more information http://www.bgsu.edu/bursar/payment-policy.html


In today’s society it is very easy to communicate with people from all around the world. Talk with family and friends about realistic expectations when it comes to communication abroad. While you want to stay in touch with your loved ones you also want to live in the moment and make the most of your experience

BGSU Email: During your time abroad please remember to check your BGSU email regularly for correspondence and updates from our office.

Photos and Testimonials

The freshest perspective for study abroad comes from those experiencing something for the first time. Your photos and testimonials from an education abroad program capture a moment. If you are willing to share we would love to see and hear how you are doing. Please send any photos or testimonials to edabroad@bgsu.edu.

Updated: 06/13/2018 10:23AM