Approximately 40 graduate assistantships become available for master’s candidates each year. The assistantships available can be found by clicking on the links below.  Assistantship needs may change during the course of the year and, in some cases, more than one vacancy may exist for one of the listings. Students may interview for assistantships outside of their major area.


Arts Village, Aural Skills, Composition, Music History, Music Technology, Music Theory, Instrumental and Choral Arranging, World Music, MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music and Non-major Offerings.

Availability and descriptions for Musicology/Composition/Theory assistantships.

Music Education

Class Piano, Choral Techniques, Cooperative School Band Assistant, Curriculum Lab, Field Experience, Classroom Techniques, Brass Techniques, Woodwind Techniques, String Methods and University Band Activities.

Availability and descriptions for Music Education assistantships.

Music Performance

Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Tuba/Euphonium, French Horn, Choral Assistant, Jazz, Guitar, Studio Piano/Piano Accompanying, Flute, Trombone, Percussion, Orchestra, Violin (Graduate String Quartet), Viola (Graduate String Quartet), Cello (Graduate String Quartet), Trinity United Methodist Church and Voice.

Availability and descriptions for Music Performance assistantships.

Music Office

Music Admissions Coordinator Assistant and Public Events Office

Availability and descriptions for Music Office assistantships.

Assistantship Information


Current first-year, nine-month contracts provide stipends from $5,000 to $9,085. In addition, students receive a partial to full tuition scholarship (instructional fees and non-resident fees) up to $17,704, for a total package up to $26,789 per year. 

Appointment: August 14, 2018


Bachelor’s degree in music, 3.0 GPA and unconditional admission to the Graduate College. To be considered for an assistantship, candidates must present a campus interview.


To be assured of consideration, candidates should complete the application and campus interview/audition by February 24, 2018. (The Orchestral Conducting application deadline is January 5, 2018 and the Choral Conducting application deadline is February 2, 2018.)

Additional information on assistantships can be found here

For Application

You can indicate your assistantship preferences on the BGSU Graduate College Application.

For more information please call (419) 372-2182 or email Music Graduate Studies to request information about application procedures or available assistantships.

Assistantships Outside The College of Musical Arts

Although most graduate assistantship positions are awarded through the academic departments, on occasion the Graduate College will receive notification of GA openings in other University offices/departments. These positions will be listed here. Contact the individual listed or review the accompanying job description for additional information.