Pro Musica

What does Pro Musica do?

Pro Musica supports the College of Musical Arts by inviting the participation of alumni, friends, parents and the Bowling Green community in a wide variety of musical events and by providing financial support for music students.

Your annual membership in Pro Musica provides funding for student-initiated Educational Travel projects. In addition, private gifts to the Pro Musica endowment provides annual funding for four scholarships and other awards.

These Pro Musica activities encourage student development at the College of Musical Arts. By participating in festivals and competitions domestically and internationally, students help advance the reputation of Bowling Green State University and the College of Musical Arts.

Join Pro Musica


Why should I join Pro Musica?

  • As a Pro Musica member, you receive
    • A calendar of musical events
    • Invitations to special programs and receptions
    • Recognition of your support in concert programs
    • The College of Musical Arts newsletter

Membership Categories

  • Student ($5)
  • Parents ($20)
  • Stand Partner ($35–$99)
  • First Chair ($100–$149)
  • Concertmaster ($150–$299)
  • Soloist ($300–$499)
  • Conductor ($500–$999)
  • Composer ($1000 & above)

Payment Options

Pay by credit card

The easiest way to pay for your Pro Musica membership is through the Office of Development and the BGSU Foundation. You may pay by credit card (all interested members) or payroll deduction (BGSU faculty/staff only). The foundation also allows you to select a matching contributor (often an employer or other foundation). When you complete the form for credit cards, please remember to put your donation on the line for Pro Musica. Payroll deductions have their own form on the Office of Development Web site and are only available to BGSU faculty and staff members.

Alternatively, you can send your payment by check to:

Office of the Dean
College of Musical Arts
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0290

Please make all checks payable to “BGSU Foundation, Inc., Pro Musica” to ensure proper allocation of your donation.

Pro Musica Board


Front Row (L-R): Vincent Corrigan, Pam Makara, Karol Spencer, Jane Milbrodt, Shannon Bolen, Kathy Moss
Middle Row (L-R): Bernice Schwartz, Myra Merritt, Penny Thompson Kruse, Cody Greenwell, Conor Nelson, Bruce Moss
Back Row (L-R): Linda Brown, Jeffrey Showell, Vanessa Chapman, Doug Wayland, Ryan Hurd
Not Pictured: Janine Baughman, Ellen Dalton, Thomas Headley, Terry Housholder, Paul Hoverman, Julie Iler, W. Robert Midden, Thomas Rosenkranz, Denise Showell, Ronald Wo

Pro Musica provides Bowling Green State University students enrolled in either:

  1. undergraduate or graduate degree programs in music either in the College of Musical Arts or in the College of Arts and Sciences or
  2. certificate programs in the College of Music with financial support for educational travel.

Each grant application may not exceed:

  1. $350 for travel to destinations up to 1200 miles (one-way) within North America or
  2. $500 for destinations exceeding 1200 miles within North America or for international destinations outside of North America. The distance must be calculated and documented as one-way travel from Bowling Green to the project destination. If a project involves multiple destinations, then the distance from Bowling Green to the first city may be added to subsequent project destinations to calculate the total mileage involved.


Note: These guidelines are affective as of 7/1/2013.


  • Grants are awarded for students to participate/attend creative activities or scholarly endeavors; i.e. competitions, conferences and workshops. These opportunities should be related to the field of study and/or further the student’s professional goal. Pro Musica does not support auditions for other degree programs nor participation in touring ensembles.
  • Pro Musica will not provide funds for students to give concerts, master classes, etc. in their home town/country.


  • For any academic year, a student may be funded up to a total of $500 for combined awards to domestic and international events. Exceptions may be made in extraordinary circumstances.
  • Pro Musica grants will not fund the purchase of equipment, textbooks, materials, supplies or accompanying required for a student’s personal use in completing degree requirements.
  • If funds are limited, priority will be given to students making their first grant application within the academic year.
  • Students will not be eligible for a grant when travel is used to secure an income-producing job.
  • Travel grants only apply to off-campus activities. On campus master classes, conferences, private instruction, etc. are not eligible for travel grants.


  • The grant application form must be submitted prior to the event.
  • Email your completed application to the grant processor, Linda Szych, at lszych@bgsu.edu. Do not send your application to your faculty advisor. Do not print your application and drop it off in the main office. After your application is received it will be sent to the sponsoring faculty member to look over and approve the project. The faculty sponsor may also add additional comments in support of the student’s project before sending the application back to the Dean’s Office for Pro Musica’s consideration.
  • All grant applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Monday during the week Pro Musica meets to be considered for that meeting. Pro Musica meets the first Thursday of every month, except for June and July.
  • You will be notified of the status of your application by email approximately two weeks after the Pro Musica executive committee has met.
  • Pro Musica is not obligated to review applications received after an event has taken place. Pro Musica will not pay in this academic year for events that took place in the previous year.


  • Please use this form to request your reimbursement. The form must be completed electronically. reimbursement form
  • Upon completion of a funded project,
    • 1. the student seeking reimbursement must submit a written report on the completed project
    • 2. receipts of expenses associated with the grant request to the dean of the College of Musical Arts.
  • Grant money will not be paid to a student until the report is submitted electronically to the Dean’s Office. A report is a description of what you did and a statement of how you benefited from this experience rather than a “thank you note.” At least one, typed page, a digital photo, with names of those in the photo, where the photo was taken and a copy of the program (where applicable) is required.
  • Reimbursement Deadline:  Pro Musica grant recipients must submit the required documentation within 30 calendar days following the date of the approved project to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Please note that reimbursement checks are sent to the  mailing  address indicated on the Pro Musica grant application.

Pro Musica produces two newsletters per academic year highlighting Pro Musica student grant accomplishments as well as a profile on a faculty/Pro Musica member and other pertinent news and information for members.