HNRS 4990

HNRS 4990: Honors Project Checklist

  • Initiate your request to enroll in HNRS 4990 by completing this form: HNRS 4990 Form 1
  • Your Honors advisor, your faculty project advisors, and the Honors College Dean will be sent your approval form. Once each have approved your request, the Honors College will register you for the course.
  • Work with your faculty project advisors to establish clear goals at the beginning of the semester. You are expected to meet regularly with all advisors. Make sure everyone involved in the evaluation of your project agrees on the project goals and the criterion for evaluating it.
  • Meet with your Honors advisor midway through the semester to ensure you are on track to submit materials that will meet the goals of a completed project.  At a minimum, all projects are grounded in research and must be reflected in a written paper. This includes creative and applied projects, regardless of major. Final projects must be submitted electronically to the Honors College for publication on ScholarWorks. The written paper portion of the project that is uploaded to ScholarWorks must include
                        an introduction to the problem and guiding research questions
                        a review of the literature
                        a description of the methods used to solve the problem
                        a description of the results
                        implications for future research and practice

Projects may also include uploads of slides, audio files, screen shots of websites, digital images of artwork, and more!

  • Work with your Honors advisor and all faculty project advisors to identify and schedule a time to complete your oral defense (a formal presentation). This should take place before the faculty grade the project. See HonorsProjectPowerpoint template.pdf for a presentation template.
  • Your primary faculty project advisor will submit your final grade to the Faculty Center.
  • Your Honors advisor will confirm you have completed all of the requirements for the Honors project and whether you are approved to graduate with Honors.
  • You will get a link via email to submit a copy of all final Honors project materials to ScholarWorks. 


Considerations for those students seeking to take both HNRS 4980 and 4990 in the same semester or those students wishing to use a capstone class within their major as a substitute for these two classes are possible. You must discuss this option with your Honors project advisor to determine the feasibility of this option. It is never too early to discuss this idea with your Honors advisor but having the conversation at least two - three months prior to the start of the project is suggested.

Updated: 07/26/2022 09:27AM