03/26/2015:  Kenya-BGSU partnership connects learning with economic empowerment

01/20/2015:  Jeff Duncan-Andrade to Visit Campus March 20

01/20/2015:  Register for Summer Classes

01/20/2015:  Literacy in the Park April 11, 2015

01/20/2015: Scholarships Opportunities for EDHD Students

01/20/2015:  Educator of the Year Award

12/20/2014:  Sport Performance leverages faculty passion and expertise

12/20/2014:  Dietetics program uses social media to boost learning

12/20/2014:  Class of 2014 Success Stories: Overcoming Adversity

12/20/2014:  Class of 2014 Success Stories: Building a strong leader

12/20/2014:  Class of 2014 Success Stories: A deeper understanding of global needs

11/24/2014:  Murray honored for commitment to special education

10/27/2014:  Weighing in with Karen Miller-Kovach

10/27/2014:  ‘Ireland Medal’ bestowed on Langendorfer for water-safety contributions

10/22/2014:  Freddie and Frieda find true love

10/22/2014:  BGSU math education faculty equip Ohio teachers to address Common Core

09/15/2014:  My Summer Experience: Micah Smith

09/15/2014:  My Summer Experience: Corey Krupa

08/27/2014:  Top of the Class

08/20/2014:  BGSU student speaks international language of fashion

05/20/2014:  BGSU alumna wins ‘Top Teacher Search’

05/19/2014:  Bringing BGSU to China

05/12/2014:  Class of 2014 Success Stories: An Advocate for Social Justice

05/05/2014:  Class of 2014 Success Stories: A drive to help others

04/02/2014:  BGSU teacher workshops focus on Holocaust, civic engagement curriculum

04/23/2014:  Peace Corps announces expanded Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Partnership with BGSU

04/18/2014:  Aspiring student entrepreneurs ‘hatch’ their businesses with investor support

04/18/2014: Master Teacher Michael Coomes views teaching as learning

04/18/2014:  Sondergeld named BGSU ‘Outstanding Young Scholar’

04/18/2014: Community involvement earns Johnson BGSU recognition

04/01/2014:  Teaching the Holocaust: Workshops focus on interactive curriculum

03/27/2014:  Pete the Cat’ author to visit BGSU’s Literacy in the Park

03/14/2014:  Students to present work at Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

02/28/2014:  Global education on a personal scale

12/23/2013:  Mother, daughter follow nontraditional path to master’s degrees

11/25/2013:  David Raszka uses music library to complete 1001 albums list

11/18/2013:  Dancing outside the box’ supports children in northwest Ohio

11/18/2013:  Student Legacy Campaign records BGSU's largest student gift event

11/13/2013:  BGSU named among “best bang-for-the-buck” colleges

10/21/2013:  The many languages of learning

09/30/2013:  Women HIIT Harder Than Men: Interval Training Benefits Women More Than Men

09/16/2013:  My Summer Experience

09/16/2013:  My Summer Experience

09/09/2013:  My Summer Experience

09/09/2013:  My Summer Experience

08/19/2013:  Teachers of the Year

08/05/2013:  Ellen’s Edventures: A Pursuit of Happiness

07/08/2013:  Appetite for transformation

06/13/2013: The Little Red Schoolhouse

05/20/2013:  The NFL comes to campus

05/06/2013:  A Passion for Teaching

04/22/2013:  Listening from the heart

04/22/2013:  VIDEO: Junior Beth Langenderfer is rolling along to fight multiple sclerosis

04/15/2013: An educator’s educator

04/15/2013: Student teachers walk a mile in parents’ shoes

04/01/2013:  BGSU’s Miracle Child Comes Full Circle

03/25/2013:  Finding Common Ground

03/18/2013:  Meet scholarship recipient Mike Reilly

03/11/2013:  Improving Teacher Quality

02/11/2013:  A ‘Super’ weekend in the Big Easy

02/04/2013:  Pioneering the classrooms of tomorrow

01/29/2013: Peace Corps expands Paul D. Coverdell fellows partnership with BGSU

01/25/2013: Physical Education Assessment Symposium helps area teachers

12/12/2012: BGSU changes early ed approach:  http://www.sent-trib.com/front-page/bgsu-changes-early-ed-approach

11/21/2012: Bronx trip shows value of service:  http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/mc/features/2012/11/bronx_trip.html

10/22/2012: Kubow honored by alma mater:  http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/mc/zoomnews/page120186.html

09/18/2012: BGSU School Law Conference

05/01/2012: From the Army Into the Gym- Army veteran charges ahead to teach physical education

04/19/2012: ‘Die hard’ advocate for BGSU honored:  http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/mc/news/2012/news111318.html

04/12/2012: Innovative teaching earns Reinhart college award:  http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/mc/zoomnews/page110822.html

04/04/2012: EDHD faculty honored by peers for scholarship, service:  http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/mc/news/2012/news109887.html



03/28/2012: Dr. Matthew R. Kutz Receives Fulbright Scholar Award:  http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/mc/page114696.html

12/12/2011: STUDENT TEACHER SENSES WHEN CHILDREN NEED HELP:  http://www.toledoblade.com/Education/2011/12/12/Student-teacher-senses-when-children-need-help-2.html

10/13/2011: DR. DAVID KIRP- "KIDS FIRST: TRANFORMING THE LIVES OF CHILDREN":  http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/mc/news/2011/news102288.html

07/27/2011: TEMPLE GRANDIN VISIT:  http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/mc/monitor/05-31-11/page96736.html

02/21/2011: Presidents' Day Open House a Success Despite Snow Storm

01/14/2011:  Differentiated learning to be topic of talk