Education Abroad FAQs

Anyone can study abroad! Students of any class level and major or minor are eligible to go abroad.

Students can study abroad as early as second semester freshman year leading all the way up to senior year. It can be difficult to study abroad the semester before you graduate so remember to start planning early.

No matter what classes you take when you study abroad they will count as BGSU credits. This means you can take classes in you major, minor, electives or even BGP's. Do not feel limited to only take classes in one specific area.

This is different for every student. As part of the application process you will complete a Course Approval Form to have your courses evaluated and BG equivalents determined before you go abroad.

While most of our options are traditional study abroad programs we also offer internships and service learning opportunities.

BGSU offers programs for as short as one to two weeks up to an entire year and you can study abroad as many times as you want!

We have a standard 2.5 GPA requirement however some specific programs may have different requirements.

There are many opportunities to study abroad in English. Many countries offer a full program of study in English, even in non-English speaking countries.

Yes, it is possible for transfer students to study abroad! Given the tight timeframe, it is essential that transfer students plan ahead.

Summer, Fall and Academic Year-March 1

Winter Session and Spring- October 1

Yes. A student who is enrolled in an approved study abroad program for credit can be eligible for federal, state, and some institutional aid. Loans generally require a student to be enrolled for at least half time (6 hours for undergraduates and 4 hours for graduates) for their program and/or other hours in addition to. Check out the Financial Aid FAQ's for more information.

The earlier the better! Planning for study abroad takes time. It is not too early for freshman to go over their study abroad options with an advisor. Try to plan at least one year in advance for a semester program and 3-6 months in advance for a shorter program.