Contact the CMA

By Postal Mail

The main College of Musical Arts address is:

College of Musical Arts
1031 Moore Musical Arts Center
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0290

In nearly all circumstances, you can send mail to any of the faculty/staff of the CMA at the following address:

[Faculty/Staff Name or Area]
College of Musical Arts
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0290

For all faculty/staff addresses, visit the Faculty/Staff directory.

Building Hours For The
Fall 2015 Semester

August 23 - November 24        7am-1am
November 25                             7am-6pm
November 26-28                       Closed for Thanksgiving                                                                Holiday
November 29-December 20     7am-1am
December 21-23                        7am-6pm
December 24-28                       Closed for Christmas Holiday
December 29-31                        7am-6pm

The building must be cleared by 1 am



The main CMA telephone number is (419) 372-2181. 

The main CMA Fax number is (419) 372-0382

To contact the CMA Box Office, dial (419) 372-8171 or (800) 589-BACH (2224).

To reach the Department of Music Education, dial (419) 372-8578; the Department of Music Performance Studies, (419) 372-2181, and the Department of Musicology/Composition Theory, (419) 372-2182.

To reach the large ensembles, dial (419) 372-2186.

For all other phone numbers, visit the Faculty/Staff directory.