Chorale group takes talents on the road thanks to crowdfunding

BGSU's Falcon Funded platform helps connect student groups with supporters

By Hannah Cubberly

BGSU’s student chorale group put their musical talents on display for audiences all over the Midwest earlier this spring as part of a multi-state musical tour made possible by donations from BGSU alumni and other supporters.

The Collegiate Chorale, a passionate and talented ensemble of 36 students, were able to spread their joy of making music with countless others thanks to nearly $4,000 in fundraising support through BGSU's crowdfunding platform, Falcon Funded.

Falcon Funded allows student organizations to connect alumni and BGSU supporters with student organizations and causes they are passionate about. Thanks to donor support, the ensemble nearly doubled their fundraising goal.  

Every penny raised helps the chorale defray touring expenses for individual members so they can focus on promoting the phenomenal music program at Bowling Green State University and make the most of their experience.

Customarily, Collegiate Chorale goes on tour in May after the final week of exams. This year however, the group traveled in February and their tour included stops in Northwest Ohio, Oak Park and Chicago in Illinois, and a final performance in Detroit, Michigan. Along the way, the choir also made stops at local schools to perform for students and engage with community members. 

Some highlights from the tour included sightseeing in the Windy City, performing in beautiful spaces like Grace Episcopal Church in Oak Park, Illinois, engaging with different communities across the Midwest and making memories that will last a lifetime. 

This experience was largely made possible because of support from 35 alumni and BGSU community members including President Rodney Rogers who generously donated $2,000 in honor of all the past members of the Collegiate Choral. The members of Collegiate Chorale used Falcon Funded to garner support and were diligent in their fundraising efforts in the months leading up to the tour.

Many individuals who donated to the Collegiate Chorale Tour Fund on Falcon Funded were once Collegiate Chorale members themselves and recognize the impact even a small gift can have on creating a gratifying and memorable student experience. 

“Tour is always one of the highlights of the school year because it is time that all of the members get to travel, spend time together and perform along the way,” said Matthew Nolan, who has performed with the ensemble for three years. “On this tour, we had the opportunity to perform in some beautiful spaces that were able to showcase and highlight the repertoire that we have been working on for most of the year.”

For Nolan, a non-music major, fostering friendships with people who share a passion for music and performing with such a talented and skilled ensemble has been truly rewarding. 

Past and present members agree that belonging to Collegiate Choral is an incredible experience to build lasting friendships and thanks to support of alumni and donors, this talented ensemble can continue to share their passion and inspire communities with song.