Gregory J. Decker

Gregory J Decker 99367

Position: Associate Professor (theory)
Phone: 419-372-2175
Address: 2143 Moore Musical Arts Center

Gregory J. Decker holds the M.M. and Ph.D. in music theory from the Florida State University. His research focuses on the analysis of opera, especially systems of meaning in Baroque music dramas. His dissertation explores the formation of musical topics and other music-cultural associations in the late Baroque and how these associations might be applied to critical dramatic readings of characters in Handel’s Italian-language operas. He has published or forthcoming articles on this and related topics in Music Theory Online, The Opera Journal, and I Concentrate on You: A Companion to the Music and Lyrics of Cole Porter (forthcoming from the University of Illinois Press, 2015). Related research interests include style and structure in vocal polyphony of the Renaissance and early Baroque and the analysis of opera from this earlier period, musical manifestations of cultural associations in general, the analysis of songs, and the role of Schenkerian theory in these pursuits. He has presented his research at numerous national and regional meetings. At BGSU, Greg regularly teaches the first-year theory/aural skills sequences and Schenkerian analysis.