Professional Development Training

Professional Development: The Office of Human Resources’ Training and Development Department offers professional development opportunities which are aimed to enlighten, enrich and educate the faculty and administrative and classified staff members. These professional development opportunities are implemented in a variety of ways including, instructor led, computer-based, or blended training programs to support the mission and core values of the university. These trainings include, but are not limited to the following:

This course explores the methodologies and practices best suited for fostering healthy workplace relationships. It is delivered in both online and in-person modes and aims to educate staff and faculty on the importance of healthy workplace relationships. The course references statistical data regarding the benefits of positive workplace relationships and the impact they have on overall business productivity. Upon completion of this course, staff and faculty will understand how to create, develop and maintain healthy workplace relationships through a variety of practical methods.

This course provides an overview of employment law for staff and faculty. It examines the changes made throughout history that have contributed to the modern day employment law protections. This course identifies the needs for labor laws, current employee rights and federal regulations on employment relationships. Upon completion of this course, staff and faculty will understand their protected employment rights, labor laws, employee handbooks, types of employment, wage-hour laws, etc.

 This course provides an overview of the employee relations procedures at Bowling Green State University. This course covers the importance of immediacy, communication, documentation and consistency in employee relations. Upon completion of this course, staff and faculty will know how to use performance management tools to correct employees’ behavior/performance issues, the importance of immediacy, communication, documentation and consistency, the appropriate time to use and deliver verbal or written warnings and how to recommend and justify a supervisor’s course of action in certain situations.  

This course provides an overview of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA. Upon completion of this course, staff and faculty will be able to identify what constitutes as Protected Health Information (PHI), when PHI may or may not be released, how to protect and secure PHI and the penalties for violating the HIPAA act.

This courses provides a variety of methods for handling stress in the workplace. The course identifies what stress is, how it can affect employees in the workplace and what the best methods for combating that stress is. Upon completion of the course, staff and faculty will be able to identify stress, how to handle stress as an employee, how to handle stress as a supervisor, practical stress relief tips and how to identify the causes of stress in both their professional and personal lives.

This course identifies the 10 most common communication mistakes made by employees and supervisors alike. Upon completion of this course staff and faculty will have knowledge on ways to avoid common communication mistakes, the importance of communication in the workplace and how to create a culture of open communication, the affects communication can have on employees and the variety of ways communication can happen in the workplace, both verbally and non-verbally.

 The BGBookbag is designed to promote professional development for staff and faculty through the implementation of a professional development book club. Staff and faculty will learn to use higher-level thinking and self-reflection during the development process. The information gleaned from the book club will assist staff and faculty in growing and expanding their professional skills in their current roles. A variety of books will be utilized in the BGBookbag including, but not limited to, Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone, Learning Leadership: The Five Fundamentals by James Kouzes and Get Smart! How to Think and Act Like the Most Successful by: Brian Tracy.

Professional Developement Sessions

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) is pleased to offer, no-cost, monthly professional and/or personal development sessions for BGSU employees (faculty and staff).
During this 2016-2017 academic year, OHR Professional Development team is collaborating with internal and external partners to offer sessions at Main and Firelands campuses and/or via use of alternate remote online training platforms.  Additional training topics/series are forthcoming.
Seating is limited for the sessions listed below.  Please RSVP by contacting Suzi Saunders, HR Training Specialist, at  Please contact me at for training recommendations.
Lisa E. Dubose, Director, Employee Relations, Professional Development & EEO/Compliance