Internships and Special Projects at the University Libraries


The University Libraries (UL), Bowling Green State University, welcome students interested in developing academic-related work opportunities within the UL. The UL are committed to diversity and encourage applications by minorities and other under-represented groups. Considered a leader among academic libraries, especially in Ohio, the University Libraries' strengths include instruction and reference, access and technical services, government documents, and special collections which represent the collecting areas of popular culture, sound recordings, regional and Great Lakes history, university archives and rare books. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with professional librarians and archivists, gaining valuable practical and professional experience. Students enrolled in graduate programs in library science, archival administration, history, american culture studies, popular culture studies and other related fields are encouraged to apply. Under special circumstances, undergraduate internships may be arranged.

Specific Information about Internships and Special Project opportunities in the departments, branches, and special collections of the University Libraries.

Application Process

Students interested in pursuing an internship or other academic-related work experience within the UL should first contact the Administrative Office, University Libraries, William T. Jerome Library, and complete the Internship or Special Project Interest Form or print out, complete, and submit the PDF version of the form to the address below. After review of the completed form, students will be directed to a specific department and contact person. Final approval for the internship or work experience will be made at the departmental level and based on the availability of staff and appropriate project-oriented work. It is the student's responsibility to meet the registration requirements of their respective academic program and to inform the UL department in writing about the academic requirements and contact person for the internship or special project. Before the internship or special project is officially approved, the goals, objectives, and/or intended results must be mutually agreed upon by the student and departmental supervisor and must be in writing, with a copy filed in the Administrative Office. At the end of the academic-related work experience, a written assessment must be completed by both the student and departmental supervisor with a copy filed in the Administrative Office.

Contact Information

Administrative Office-Room 204
University Libraries
William T. Jerome Library
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403
419-372-7996 (Fax)

*UL Staff - Policies and Procedures document is located in Canvas.