ArtsX Experiment: Saturday, Dec. 3 5 - 9 PM | BGSU Fine Arts Center & Wolfe Center for the Arts

Schedule of Events | ArtsX: Experiment

Saturday, December 3 | 5-9 p.m.

All activities are in the BGSU Fine Arts Center (FAC) and the Wolfe Center for the Arts. Attendees are encouraged to come and go as you please in order to experience as many activities as possible.

Featured Artist: Katie Caron – Extraordinary Worlds Art Installation – Willard Wankelman Gallery
Them, Myself & Us: Graduate Arts Winter Show – Red Door Gallery
Faculty and Staff Art Exhibition – Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery
Eureka! BFA Fall Thesis Exhibition – Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery & Wolfe Center Second Floor
Saying Perspectives Drawing Installations – FAC First Floor Corridors
HypAr(t)chitexture: Space as Event Demonstration and Architectural Weaving – Wolfe Scene Shop
Just Walking Along Video Animation -- Wolfe Lobby
Digital Arts Video – Wolfe Upper Lobby Lounge
She Kills Monsters Costume and Puppet Displays – Wolfe Main Staircase
Making of the Marionettes for The Adventures of the Magnificent Baron Munchausen -- Wolfe Main Staircase
Experimental Cardboard Masks -- Wolfe Main Staircase
The One Within the Woods Behind-the-Scenes Experience – Wolfe 120
Imagination Station Roving Science Carts Thaumatropes and Balancing Gizmos -- Wolfe Center and FAC
Graphic Design Sales – FAC 1030
Comics, Zines and Chapbooks – FAC 1100
Picture Book Showcase – FAC 1101
Computer Art Club, featuring Grave Chasers – FAC 1104
Sculpture Installation – FAC 1107
Sculpture Exhibition – FAC 1112
Glass Exhibition, Demonstrations and Sale – FAC 1200-1206
T-shirt Printing and Print Sales – FAC 1211-1213
Polaroid Holiday Portraits and Holiday Cards – FAC 1215
Clay Club Ceramics Sale – FAC 1218
Student Metals Art Council Jewelry Sale and Demonstrations – FAC 101
The Art of Experimentation: Children’s Visual Art Activity – FAC 132
Words Without Margins: The Power of Translation in the Era of COVID-19 – FAC 150
Invisible and The Blacksmith’s Clockwork Exhibit – FAC Wing C Hallway
The Forest Guardian, Starseed, & Others: Zines and Prints – FAC Wing C Hallway
Living Art: The Reptile Room Art-Making Activities – FAC 2000
2DAA Exhibition – FAC 2002

5:00-5:15 – Wolfe Lobby
Kazenodaichi Taiko
5:00-6:00 – Conrad Choral Room
PACEM Interactive Improv Performance
5:15-5:30 – Eva Marie Saint Theatre
Sugar Rush: Jazz Dance Performance
5:15-6:00 – Donnell Theatre
Imagination Station: Extreme Science Performance
5:15-6:00 – Heskett Dance Studio
Rumba Dance Class with Tim Frost
5:15-6:35 – Wolfe 208
Acquisitions Incorporated: C-Team Sidequest Interactive & Role-playing Game
5:30-6:00 – Eva Marie Saint Theatre
MUTS Cabaret
6:00-7:30 – Wolfe 211
Taiko Drums Hands-on Demonstrations
6:10-6:20 – Eva Marie Saint Theatre
Alexis Weaver, Dance Solo
6:10-6:20 – Conrad Choral Room
Abigail Peterson, Piano Solo
6:15-6:35 – Wolfe Lobby
Tap Improv
6:20-6:35 – Conrad Choral Room
Fransisca de Castanheiro de Freitas, Piano Solo
6:25-7:15 – Eva Marie Saint Theatre
Digital Arts Animation and Video
6:35-6:45 – Conrad Choral Room
Sandy Coursey, Guitar/Keytar Duo
6:45-6:55 – Conrad Choral Room
Mikayla Farmer, Flute Solo
6:45-7:30 – Donnell Theatre
Theatre Senior Showcase
6:45-7:30 – Heskett Dance Studio
Cinderella Waltz Ballroom Class with Tim Frost
6:45-7:35 – Wolfe 208
Poems About Birds: Performances from the Archives of Pride and Poetry
7:20-8:10 – Conrad Choral Room
Praecepta Aleatory Ensemble
7:25-8:30 – Eva Marie Saint Theatre
Film Student Organization Showcase - Special Screening of Standing by My Side by David Banks
7:35-7:55 – Wolfe Lobby
Tap Improv
7:35-8:20 – Heskett Dance Studio
Treehouse Troupe Youth Theatre Workshop
7:40-9:00 – Wolfe 208
Lady Parts Improv Performance
8:10-8:30 - Wolfe Lobby
Falconettes Dance Team
8:15-9:00 – Donnell Theatre
Game and Anime Ensemble
8:25-9:00 – Heskett Dance Studio
BGSU Quadball Demonstration
8:30-9:00 – Eva Marie Saint Theatre
The Peace Lyra Project

*Times and locations are subject to change  

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